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You can catch up on our recent webinar on demand below.

Want to learn more about how internet connectivity works across borders and with your team at Beepo?

In this webinar we covered:

  • Understanding latency and how to fix it
  • How to get a dedicated connection (and what the benefit would be) if you have complex requirements
  • Why each team member only gets 3mbps when they do a speed test and why that’s actually a good thing
  • Some of the policies you can set up at your end to optimise performance and productivity
  • How to secure your apps using Beepo Secure

Feel free to share with your colleagues if you think they’d be interested.

Replay Webinar

Show Notes

  • [1:07] Brief background on the hosts and Ready Offshore
  • [2:35] Agenda run through and intro
  • [3:26] Slow internet, bandwidth vs. latency. Measuring internet speed
  • [8:34] How bandwidth is managed and prioritised at Beepo and what you can do to assist
  • [12:00] Best practice hardware for smooth meetings
  • [19:37] How to manage your data security & Beepo Secure
  • [22:18] The importance of using the Beepo ticketing system to resolve IT issues
  • [24:12] Q&A: How can I provide secure access to server based platforms?
  • [26:23] Q&A: How does Clark compare in terms of IT infrastructure to other locations in the Philippines and Australia?
  • [28:10] Q&A: What other best practice tips do you have to get staff up-to-speed or set up in a remote environment?
  • [29:57] Q&A: How do you identify if you have any issues and how can a dedicated connection improve latency issues?
  • [33:59] Q&A: How to understand as a Beepo client if your traffic is being categorised correctly
  • [35:18] Q&A: What benefits are there to setting up a VPN?

Want to know more about how we optimise your user experience?

This new eBook, Offshore Connectivity Explained For Customers, covers everything you need to know about the Internet and, in particular, how we have set things up at Beepo to ensure your team has the best user experience possible.

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