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Business growth: an outsourcing benefit

Increase the capacity for your business to take on more work and grow sustainably.

How does outsourcing foster business growth?

One of the many reasons businesses struggle to grow is a lack of funds to invest in additional resources to support growth objectives. Businesses often don't have the time to recruit a new employee to leverage potential growth opportunities. On top of this, there are businesses that go through peak periods where there is too much work and then times when there isn’t as much. Outsourcing provides scalability during these times.

There is often a very short lead time to hiring offshore, providing a further advantage in that it can be very quick to scale up a business, depending on the role type. Outsourcing can also free up funds that can be used to reinvest back into the growth of your business. With the additional support of outsourced team member(s), you can increase the capacity for your business to take on more work.

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Business growth benefits

A market leading professional services business wanted to support rapid business growth with a cost-effective resourcing strategy to maintain a competitive advantage in an ever changing marketplace across a variety of roles.

Incorporating outsourcing into their already successful business model allowed the business to continue on their path of innovation and thought leadership, without being bogged down in the day-to-day operations of running the business and managing projects.

They achieved a 375% increase in new business over three years. During this time, they also grew their offshore team from two to 16 with a mix of developers, a managed services team who handles payroll solutions and an executive assistant.

Integrating an onshore and offshore team allowed them to create robust strategies for nurturing and building client relationships.


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Outsourcing allows your business access to a global talent pool of skills and resources that are trained to help your business achieve all kinds of goals. If your business is looking to achieve business growth, further investing in outsourced functions such as accounting, customer service, data management, digital marketing, finance and technical support are examples of places to start.


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