One of the many reasons why organisations struggle to grow is due to a lack of funds to invest in additional resources to support growth objectives. Outsourcing is a smarter resourcing strategy that can deliver cost savings on things like HR, technology and more. Hiring talent offshore as opposed to hiring talent locally will allow you to free up funds that can then be used to reinvest back into other areas of your business to scale and grow.

Read first hand how just of few of our clients have benefited from having an offshore team and how it has helped to deliver business growth:

Lead generation growth case study

A ‘blended’ resourcing model that assists greatly with lead generation involves keeping strategy onshore and sending implementation offshore. One of our clients implemented this model in their marketing department and achieved a 104% increase in lead generation over a 12 month period. By doing this, our client was also able to implement a 100% inbound marketing strategy with no reliance on outbound initiatives. The integration of an offshore team into their organisation is paying real dividends. For more information on how this model worked, download the full case study here.

Client retention improvement case study

Another Beepo client was able to add immediate value to their customer experience with the help of an offshore team. As a result of having additional capacity and lower overheads they were able to provide more cost effective solutions to their customers. This allowed them to not only dramatically improve retention, but also increase volumes of new business they were writing. This client started with two offshore team members and over the past few years has expanded their team to 11 offshore staff. To learn more about this particular client, download the full case study here.

Client acquisition growth case study

With the help of an offshore team, another one of our clients achieved a 375% increase in new business over a three year period. During this time they also grew their offshore team from two to 16. The integration of an onshore and offshore team allowed them to focus their time on innovation and thought leadership without being bogged down by day-to-day tasks. It also provided significantly more time to create robust strategies around nurturing and building client relationships. To read more, download the full case study here.

The other benefits of outsourcing include:
  • Save money and resources: With outsourcing you will free your team up to focus on other tasks that contribute to overall business success. You will also save money by having the day-to-day tasks completed in a much more cost-effective way.
  • Staff happiness: By providing your existing team with additional capability and support via an offshore team, you will notice an increase in staff happiness. Your staff will appreciate the additional support, job satisfaction will increase and attrition will decrease - all thanks to outsourcing.
  • Expert advice: Implementing an offshore element also means you have access to outsourcing experts that can provide your organisation with lots of guidance, advice and tips around business efficiency and productivity.
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