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How to get buy in from your Australian team

It's pretty easy to tell that Outsourcing mundane, repetitive, process driven tasks in your business makes good commercial sense. But often it is push back from the people within the business that prevents them from going ahead and experiencing all the great benefits. This is not unusual and requires basic change management to overcome. Trust us - your existing team will thank you once they learn more about the positive impact an outsourced team can make. This webinar outlines some very effective strategies you can use to get your local team on board your outsourcing strategy.



Mark Engelmann

Chief of Content and Co-Founder

Mark is a business analyst and offshoring professional. He helps businesses understand and address the challenges of integrating offshore teams. Through accurate planning, proper implementation and teaching your team the right management skills you can be assured of a productive and profitable offshoring project. Through his years of experience as a Business Analyst, Mark has developed a keen eye for spotting counter-productive processes and developing solutions for them to ensure that a business’ goal is efficiently met. His varied background in Project Management, IT, Marketing and Communications, Administration and Conflict Resolution give him a wide understanding of the challenges a company may face and ways on how to resolve them. Mark received his MBA from the University of Queensland Business School in 2012. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and History and a Bachelor of Education from UQ.

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