How To Get Buy In From Your Australian Team

It's pretty easy to tell that outsourcing tasks that your local team don’t have the capacity to complete makes good commercial sense. However, it’s often push back from existing staff in a business that prevents the implementation of an offshore team. This is not uncommon and only requires basic change management to overcome.If you want more insight into basic change management tactics, you can also check out our change management webinar series.

Trust us - your existing team will thank you once they get to grips on how much value an outsourced team can add.

This webinar outlines some very effective strategies you can use to get your local team onboard your outsourcing strategy. We discuss:

  • Mindsets and how to shift them
  • The difference between revenue and non-revenue generating tasks
  • What tasks your staff love doing and what tasks they hate doing - and how outsourcing can shift their focus back to what they love
  • The complexity vs frequency model
  • The importance of establishing clear lines of communication between an onshore and offshore team.

Video: Effective outsourcing strategies

If you’re seriously considering outsourcing then it’s absolutely crucial for you to have buy-in from your existing staff. Without buy-in, you’re essentially setting yourself up for failure. Outsourcing requires teamwork and without cooperation from your local team, it simply won’t work. They key is to outline the benefits of an offshore team by asking your staff the following questions:

  • What if I took away the tasks you don’t enjoy doing?
  • What if an offshore team member could assist you in the tasks that consume a lot of your time?
  • What if you had the time to focus on the tasks you love doing?

The idea of outsourcing is to add value to local teams and to support overall sustainable growth in a business - not to take jobs away. If you’re looking for more guidance about implementing an offshore element into your business, download the following eBook. This toolkit will take you through everything from communication, preparation, recruitment to training, onboarding and ongoing management.

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