Looking for ways to drive efficiencies in your business?

Here at Beepo we’ve been helping businesses be more efficient and profitable through the optimisation of processes and delivery of high quality offshore talent.

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Top 3 tips for improving efficiencies

Based on our years of experience here are our top three tips to drive efficiencies in your business:

  1. Standard workflows – how well does your business embrace process, in particular standard workflows? Without clearly defining how a task should be completed you run the risk of making mistakes or failing to meet deadlines. If someone were to leave suddenly – would it have an impact on your business if processes integral to their role weren’t properly documented?
  2. Right people in the right roles – are you confident you have the right people in the right roles and that you are playing to their strengths? Having the right person in the right job is key to business efficiency – it also helps with retention, morale and creating a great corporate culture.
  3. Managing low value repeatable tasks vs high value tasks – businesses that are highly efficient are leveraging technology and alternative resourcing to support on low value repeatable tasks. Business efficiency is dramatically improved when businesses are able to identify low value tasks and effectively harness the use of automation technology and lower cost resources to deliver them.

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Useful Resources

Interested in implementing our top three tips in your business? We've provided a range of useful resources below to assist with business planning, managing work in progress and documenting processes. Simply download and get started today.

The ultimate business planning template
A straightforward template that takes you through how to create the best, comprehensive plan for your business.
WIP Template
To help you manage your staff’s time more efficiently.
Activity Log Template
Use this template to understand which tasks happen regularly.
Process Documentation
These templates will help you document your processes.
Complexity vs. frequency template
For helping to identify high value vs. low values tasks.