Outsourcing is a sustainable resourcing strategy that involves hiring staff, for specific roles or tasks, in lower cost economies. Implementing an offshore element into your organisation can free up time and create capacity as well as building additional capability. By doing this, you’re creating more opportunities for your business to grow which will improve your overall business success.

Outsourcing can save your organisation money by having day-to-day tasks completed in a lower cost economy, such as the Philippines, where employment costs are up to 70% less.

Outsourcing can also free up budget spent on other employment related expenses such as:

  • Human resources
  • Recruitment
  • Office space
  • Superannuation
  • Payroll and payroll tax
  • Workers compensation
  • Equipment
  • Internet and telco
  • Supervision and more.

If we were to compare the average salaries of an onshore and offshore employee it would look like this:

Average onshore employee salary

$50,000 per year + super + bonus
Doesn’t include HR, technology, office space, training, payroll, equipment, etc.

Average offshore employee salary

$35,000 per year no exclusions
Includes HR, technology, office space, training, payroll, equipment, etc.

The example above illustrates that hiring an offshore team member as opposed to hiring talent locally can save your organisation a considerable amount on fixed costs such as human resources and technology. Not only that, if done well, outsourcing can increase the efficiency in your organisation immensely. By providing additional support, your in-house team will have capacity to take on more work which in turn, can create more opportunity for growth than may have been previously possible.

Another benefit of hiring an offshore team member is that you can dial up and down the resource supporting your organisation quickly and easily without having to worry about the risks associated with HR, office space, equipment and so on. This gives you the freedom to manage your resourcing more efficiently than if you were to recruit someone locally.

Other benefits of outsourcing include:
  • Business growth: Hiring an offshore team member can save your organisation a considerable amount of money, freeing up funds that can be reinvested back into the growth of your business.
  • Staff happiness: If you’re going to hire staff in a high-cost economy (Australia, for example), then have them working on strategic projects and send implementation offshore. Your in-house team will appreciate the challenge, job satisfaction will increase and attrition will decrease.
  • Expert advice: Much more than just 'an extra pair of hands', the offshore specialists that are a part of your outsourcing journey are highly trained professionals who can offer insights, advice and add value to each stage of the outsourcing process.
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