4 benefits of outsourcing for NDIS plan managers

4 benefits of outsourcing for NDIS plan managers
Nick Ogden
Nick Ogden
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There are many challenges that come with working in a fast growing sector like the NDIS. Working in Australia’s highly regulated workforce and facing ever-increasing labour costs can pose a large threat to business growth for NDIS plan managers. Not to mention the challenge of finding hard-working, dedicated staff that are happy to complete repetitive back-office admin.

Due to these challenges, many plan managers are seeking quality offshore talent whilst also enjoying the added benefits of cost savings and scalable business growth.

Here are the four main benefits of outsourcing for NDIS plan managers:

  1. Delivers cost savings
    One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing is cost savings. Hiring talent offshore as opposed to hiring talent locally can save you up to 70% on employment costs. These savings can then be used to reinvest back into scaling your business.
  2. Improves turnaround times
    Plan management businesses are notorious for having copious amounts of back office admin to deal with including processing a plethora of invoices. Being bogged down by these routine admin tasks can be crippling to business growth. Hiring offshore staff to take care of these tasks can set up your business up to deliver better service to your clients. And in a sector built on reputation, this is essential.
  3. Accelerates business growth
    Creating capacity is key to business growth and hiring offshore staff is one way you can achieve this. By relieving your onshore staff of the back office admin, you’ll be creating capacity in their schedule for them to take on more clients - ultimately leading to business growth.
  4. Provides greater access to talent
    Making the decision to hire offshore staff means you have access to a much larger global talent pool. NDIS plan management businesses are continually faced with a variety of challenges related to attracting and retaining hard-working, dedicated staff that are happy to complete mundane and repetitive back-office admin, like processing invoices.
  5. Having access to a much wider talent pool creates more opportunity to not only find the right person for the job, but retain them in the role.

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