Why should your business outsource?

Send tasks in your business to a dedicated offshore team member in the Philippines.


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Why should your business outsource general business functions?

Business process outsourcing (BPO) was traditionally reserved for large organisations and call centres who sought to take advantage of the cost savings related to volume recruitment overseas. Today, the industry has transformed considerably and outsourcing lends itself to businesses of all shapes and sizes, helping them identify strategies that support business growth and increase efficiencies.

Outsourcing is also a way businesses can combat the current global talent shortage which is leaving almost 69% of businesses1 with difficulty sourcing and retaining skilled talent. With global unemployment hitting over the 200 million mark2, it might be fair to assume organisations can ‘have their pick’ from a large pool of quality, skilled workers as a result of sudden employment losses and increased financial turmoil amongst candidates. However there is research to suggest that applicants are now in control3, wanting more value-based benefits from potential employers rather than just financial gain.

Considering alternative resourcing strategies, like outsourcing, is a way businesses can open up to a global pool of quality talent and reap the following benefits:

  • Cost savings: Hiring new staff is an expensive process and outsourcing can save your organisation money by having day-to-day tasks completed in a lower-cost economy, where employment costs are up to 70% less.
  • Improved efficiencies and staff satisfaction: Outsourcing experts help you identify roles that would be best suited to send to an offshore employee. That way, your local team can focus on what they do best and what motivates them leading to productivity improvements across the board.
  • Business scalability: One of the many reasons organisations struggle to grow is a lack of funds to invest in additional resources to support growth objectives. With the additional support of an offshore team member(s), you can increase the capacity for your organisation to take on more work.


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General business roles and tasks

At Beepo, we offer support across a variety of functions, roles and tasks. Many of our professionals are tertiary qualified, and they can help your organisation in whatever capacity you require. Identifying the tasks you want to send offshore can come with its challenges. Most organisations tend to outsource the back-office, process driven tasks - the tasks that usually consume a lot of time. However, we’re increasingly seeing many organisations looking to fill more complex and technical roles offshore.

We’ll find a team or an employee to support your business in whatever capacity you require.

General tasks

There are an array of tasks you can outsource in your business including, but not limited to:

  • Account and file management
  • Branding
  • Business information modelling
  • CAD and drafting
  • Content production and writing
  • CRM and database management
  • Customer service
  • Data analysis
  • Data entry
  • Debt collection
  • Diary management
  • Graphic design
  • Paraplanning
  • Recruitment
  • Reverse engineering
  • Search engine marketing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Staff retention activities
  • Transcription
  • Video editing.
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Outsourcing companies - how to choose your provider

Choosing the wrong outsourcing provider can be detrimental to your success.

Selecting a provider with values that align with your business objectives is the ultimate goal. Doing so will ensure your outsourcing journey is nothing short of successful. How do you know you’re choosing the right outsourcing provider? Start by asking the right questions. These questions should drill into their operations so that you’re left with a thorough understanding of how they operate. Some of these questions may include:

  • Can you detail your standard security policies and infrastructure to manage data, security and privacy?
  • What tools do you have in place to ensure staff members remain online and productive 100% of the time?
  • What productivity reporting do you provide as a standard?
  • If things are not working out, what is the notice period and termination fees?
  • How does your recruitment process ensure you find the best candidate for my role?

This step is absolutely crucial in ensuring your outsourcing journey is a success. Remember, not all outsourcing providers are the same. They all have different protocols, facilities, T&Cs and contracts. Analyse, compare and choose the provider that resonates with your firm the most.


1 ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey Q3 2021
2 COVID crisis to push global unemployment over 200 million mark in 2022
3 COVID-19 and the employee experience: How leaders can seize the moment

The Beepo advantage

At Beepo, we understand the hardships our clients face when it comes to dealing with ever-increasing labour costs and staff attrition. It’s why we offer small, medium and large businesses a competitive advantage with outsourcing.

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