Outsourcing services
to the Philippines


What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a process in which organisations engage a third party provider to manage services and tasks that would have traditionally been performed in-house by the organisation’s employees.

Outsourcing is a business partnership. Maintaining a secure and trusted relationship with your outsourcing service provider is essential to the success of any outsourcing journey - and will help your organisations enjoy the benefits.

Beepo can provide a customised offshore staffing solution to help your organisation scales and grow, become more efficient, technologically advanced, and competitive in any of the following areas:

Benefits of outsourcing offshore

There are several key benefits that come from outsourcing to the Philippines, these include:

  • Cost savings

    Hiring local staff can be very resource intensive. Hiring an offshore team or team member to assist your local team with routine tasks for a fraction of the price will help you control costs in your organisation. By outsourcing organisations can save up to 70% on labour compared to hiring locally.

  • Efficiency increase

    Sending daily, repeatable tasks offshore will allow your local team to take on more work. By sharing the workload between your onshore and offshore team, you will notice a drastic increase in efficiency and productivity within your organisation. An added efficiency bonus of outsourcing includes the ability to provide your organisation access to 24/7 business operations without the added cost of overtime.

  • Business growth

    Hiring offshore staff can supercharge your business growth. By adding extra capability through an offshore team, your local employees will have additional capacity to take on more work.

  • Increased employee satisfaction

    Relieve your local team of any unnecessary tasks by sharing the workload with your offshore team. This will help increase employee satisfaction within your business. With your onshore team able to focus on what they were hired to do, you can expect to see a positive change in your working atmosphere.


Why outsource to the Philippines?

There can be many misconceptions and concerns when transitioning internally managed business services to outsourced, third-party providers. Choosing to outsource these services internationally can further heighten these points of contention.

By contracting workforce talent across the globe and by targeting labour markets which offer highly skilled, well-educated workers at a lower cost, organisations can control their costs without sacrificing quality.

The Philippines has taken the lead as the top choice for outsourcing all over the world and has always been ranked as one of the best outsourcing countries. Reasons include:

Time difference is not an issue

  • Filipinos are flexible on time and are willing to work varied schedules to accommodate client needs. Clients based in Perth benefit from this as the Philippines and Perth are in the same time zone.

English language proficiency

  • The Business English Index (BEI) is a study designed to calculate global workers’ English competency in the workplace.
  • A BEI score of 1.0 indicates the ability of people to communicate and read only through simple English statements, while a score of 10.0 indicates equivalency with native English speakers; the Philippines was given a score of 7.95; the Philippines was given a score of 7.95.
  • English is also widely used and spoken in the Philippines. Not just for business, but in schools, shopping centres and at home, making it a language that many are familiar with.

Highly skilled talent

  • The Philippines is one of the largest outsourcing providers offering talent across a multitude of fields, not just call centres. These include areas such as human resources, customer service, financial services, legal transcription, software development, virtual assistance, animation, graphic design, content writing and marketing.

Outstanding work ethic

  • Business owners invest in Filipino teams due to their core competencies, excellent work ethic, values, integrity, loyalty, service-oriented mindset, and the friendly working atmosphere that they seem to foster in any organisation’s culture.

Quality & cost-effective

  • Although outsourcing to the Philippines produces a low-cost alternative to businesses, it doesn’t mean quality is jeopardised.
  • Performance efficiency led the Filipino outsourcing industry to grow from 400,000 employees in 2011 to 1 million, which made up 1% of the population in 2014.

Strong government support and cultural compatibility

  • As outsourcing services are considered valued economic and primary revenue generators for the Philippines. The Philippine Government recognises the potential of these organisations and provides additional support and infrastructure
  • As a country that was colonised by foreign forces, Filipinos were influenced with ethical values, traditions, customers, behaviours, and ways of life that correlate with many foreign cultures, giving them the edge against other nationalities as an outsourcing provider.

Why use Beepo?

As one of Australia’s leading outsourcing specialists, we pride ourselves on offering organisations a distinct competitive advantage. We understand the hardships our clients face with increasing labour costs within Australia’s high cost economy. To help our clients, we connect them with professional, qualified staff in the Philippines to support their local teams in whatever capacity they require.

At Beepo, we pay meticulous attention to the processes of consultation, recruitment, development, monitoring and quality assurance. Our clients can work and communicate seamlessly and efficiently with their support teams in the Philippines thanks to our modern integration of technology.

Let us help your team, by lifting the weight and stress off their shoulders, by providing an offshore staff member or team in the Philippines that will be 100% dedicated to supporting your business. That way, your staff can focus on your core business, strategic projects, nurturing client relationships and the business growth that will help drive profits, increase productivity and improve employee satisfaction.

Interested in learning more about the outsourced solution we can provide for your business?