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Improve business flexibility and availability: an outsourcing benefit

Outsourcing can help your business become more agile and flexible by opening up 24/7 availability.

How does outsourcing improve business flexibility and availability?

Outsourcing can provide businesses with the flexibility to meet changing resourcing requirements in response to fluctuating customer or market demands. Hiring offshore staff can help businesses manage seasonal and cyclical changes easily as outsourcing providers can have an outsourced team member or team ready to go in as little as six to eight weeks.

This flexibility can help your business navigate risks, support sustainable business growth and plan for peak periods where additional support may be required. An additional bonus is removing the costs associated with lengthy recruitment drives or setting up contact centres suddenly. Outsourcing providers are experts at both - all you need to do is communicate your needs and let them take care of the rest.

Outsourcing in low-cost economies can also help many businesses extend their hours beyond 9-5 pm, 5 days a week and potentially support 24/7 operations in key areas such as customer service or IT support.


Roles such as administration support, sales support, technical support and customer service are easy for many businesses to outsource to support your customers in an ‘always on’ landscape, thereby improving customer experience, retention and most importantly, your bottom line.

Improve business flexibility and availability

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Due to exponential growth, a small tech startup company required additional resources to help support their existing client base. The ultimate aim was to free up the Managing Director’s (MD) time to develop strategic partnerships and grow the business.

Hiring an offshore systems administrator allowed the business to move their focus away from the day-to-day customer interactions and onto developing strategic partnerships and growing the business. The systems administrator has also helped them maintain excellent customer support metrics.

The results? In their first quarter, the offshore systems administrator achieved a 53-minute first response median on support tickets, compared to the 18.3 hours benchmark for IT Services businesses with 1-9 employees. In addition to this, all support staff scored 100% CSAT during the same quarter. In less than six months, the newly hired offshore systems administrator had also quickly upskilled to identify cost-savings opportunities for customers through his support role.


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Outsourcing allows your business access to a global talent pool of skills and resources that are trained to help your business achieve all kinds of goals. If your business is looking to improve business flexibility and availability, further investing in outsourced functions such as accounting, customer service, data management, digital marketing, finance and technical support are examples of places to start.


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