How To Maximise Your Productivity In Your Outsourced Team

Supporting your existing team with Philippines-based outsourced talent can supercharge your business for growth through the provision of increased capacity and capability. However, like anything, a poorly managed resource is a waste of money and can be highly detrimental to the success of any business. Because of this, you’ll want to ensure you’re managing your offshore team as efficiently as possible to maximise productivity and quality of output. Doing so will ensure your business has the ability to grow sustainably.

Through experience, we have found some strategies that can dramatically increase productivity in an offshore team. The following webinar will take you through the tried and tested tactics we have found to be incredibly useful in any outsourced team. We discuss the importance of the following:

  • [0:54] Job descriptions
    • What tasks are involved in the job
    • Why they need to be specific
  • [1:54] Key result areas
    • How well are the tasks completed
    • Why they need to be quantifiable
  • [3:24] Training
    • Remote vs F2F
    • Screensharing
    • Videos and written procedures
    • Useful resources such as SnagIt and Zoom
  • [9:05] Work in progress documents
    • Who is allocated to what? And task description
    • When was the task allocated? And when is it due?
    • Priority
  • [10:30] Regular catch ups and meetings
    • Catch up framework

Communication is also a crucial element that will ensure your outsourced team remains productive. You need to create a safe space so that your staff feel comfortable enough to bring up any issues they may have with certain tasks and/or processes. If there is a certain task that is causing more time then it’s worth, encourage them to propose new ideas that will help streamline processes. At the end of the day, they are the ones who are completing these tasks and therefore, know the ins and outs of it better than anyone else in the business.

Video: Maximizing Productivity of Outsourced Team

For more insights on how to drive efficiencies in your offshore team, watch the following on-demand webinar series. We take you through the importance of communication, more training tips and WIP template.

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