An outsourcing approach for difficult-to-staff positions

An outsourcing approach for difficult-to-staff positions
Natalie Toniotti
Natalie Toniotti
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Ever felt like finding the right people for those crucial job roles is like solving a mystery? Well, welcome to the world of strategic talent acquisition. Those tough-to-fill positions aren't just empty spots; they're like treasure chests of potential that can either steer your organisation towards awesome growth or put a speed bump on your progress highway.

Now, whether you're a big-shot executive hungry for fresh ideas or an HR champ ready to shake up your talent game, guess what? This blog is your trusty sidekick, here to guide you through.

We've created this ultimate guide with all the good stuff to give you the scoop on strategies, tricks and real steps you need to tackle talent shortages like a pro. And guess what technique plays a key role? Outsourcing.

We're talking about those roles that need skills so special they're like unicorns or a combo of know-how that’s rarer than a blue moon. They might even need to connect perfectly with your company's mission. Think of them as the glue holding your business together – when they're missing or not up to the mark, things can get shaky, projects can stall and your profits? Well, they could take a hit too.

Outsourcing as a solution for talent shortages

Alright, let's talk about outsourcing – your go-to move for tackling those pesky talent gaps. Imagine teaming up with external experts, crews or even whole agencies to handle those tricky tasks, projects or even entire job functions. It's like assembling a dream team of specialists to help you bridge the skills gap, get your hands on niche knowledge and stay super competitive in today's ever-changing business jungle.

But here's the cool part – outsourcing is way more than just filling in the gaps; it's like turbocharging your strategy.

Now, when you're staring at job roles that demand some serious specialised skills, partnering up with outside pros can be a game-changer. 

  • Unlock specialised talent: outsourcing opens the door to a worldwide talent pool of experts who've got the exact skills your business is itching for. And guess what? They've been in the industry trenches for years.
  • Speedy hiring: the ‘traditional hiring dance’ for those tough roles can drag on forever. But with outsourcing, you can zap in talent lightning-fast and say goodbye to the ‘position vacant’ sign.
  • Money saver: training and onboarding new hires for those fancy roles? It can cost you big time. But outsourcing? You're only paying for the skills you need, no extra fluff.
  • Flexibility galore: imagine having the power to scale your operations up or down based on how the demand rollercoaster is riding. That's all in the magic of outsourcing.
  • Zeroing in on your A-game: Handing off specific tasks to your outside employees means your in-house team can go all-in on the big stuff – think innovation and turbocharging growth.

Get familiar with your talent needs

Alright, let's dive into the nitty-gritty steps that will help you crack the code on where your team might need a skills boost. We're talking about sizing up the situation, figuring out exactly what skills you're missing and deciding where to put your energy for the best outcomes.

  1. Spot those skill gaps
    First up, gather 'round with your department heads, team leaders and the HR crew. It's time to come up with a list of job positions that have been playing hard to get. You know, those roles that might be throwing wrenches into the gears – delaying projects, making productivity take a nosedive or just holding back your innovation mojo. 

  2. Break skills down to bits
    For each of those headache-inducing roles, it's tag team time with the experts in that field. Whip up detailed profiles that spell out the exact skills and qualifications needed. Leave no stone unturned – think techie stuff like coding and computer wizardry, but also those oh-so-vital soft skills like communication and teamwork. And don't forget to peek into their education and industry know-how.

  3. Weigh the impact
    So, you've got the scoop on the tricky roles and their skill demands. Now, let's do the math. Think about how these roles tango with your everyday business grind, how they affect the cash flow and how happy your customers are. Go on and rank these positions – who's the potential growth accelerator and who's the progress party-pooper? Time to find out.

Craft your outsourcing game plan

Alright, it's time to get into the juicy stuff – we're diving headfirst into creating an outsourcing plan that's as unique as your favourite pair of sneakers. Buckle up, because we're about to uncover how to map out, strategise and put your outsourcing game face on for those tough-to-fill spots.

  1. Is outsourcing your secret sauce?
    Let's start with a little soul-searching. Not every puzzle has the same piece, right? So, here's the deal: figure out if outsourcing is what your talent shortages need. Think about how tricky the role is, if it's a one-time thing or a long-term fling and if passing on the know-how is a biggie. If your missing puzzle piece is a specific skillset or a quick expertise fix, outsourcing might just be your knight in shining armour.

  2. Set your sights on goals
    Just like you wouldn't head out on a road trip without a map, your outsourcing adventure needs some GPS coordinates too. Lay down the law on what you want to accomplish with this outsourcing gig. Want to zap up project speed? Unlock specialised skills? Boost creativity? Having these goals is like having your North Star, guiding your decisions and making sure everyone's on the same page.

  3. Define your outsourcing boundaries
    Now, let's get down to the fun stuff – fleshing out your outsourcing plan. Will you be tossing the whole role to the outsourcing squad? Or maybe you're in for a tag team match, splitting tasks between your crew and the outsiders. Your pick will totally depend on what your role needs and how much your in-house team can rock. It's like building a puzzle – finding the perfect fit.

  4. Craft a killer job description
    When you're looking for that missing puzzle piece (aka the outsourced team member), your job description is like the treasure map. Make sure it spells out the role's quirks, responsibilities and what it brings to the table. Leave no room for confusion – shout out the skills, qualifications and expectations loud and clear. This not only attracts the right folks but also makes sure they ‘gel well’ with your existing teams.

Looking for the other steps? Dive into the full action plan it’s FREE

If you're craving even more insider tips and expert tricks on how to master the art of outsourcing for those pesky talent gaps, guess what? We've got your back with our comprehensive ebook – "Navigating talent gaps: an outsourcing strategy for hard-to-fill roles”.

In this treasure trove of wisdom, we dive deeper into all the juicy stuff we've been chatting about. Plus, we're unveiling some brand new areas that'll make your outsourcing journey a breeze:

  • How to choose the right outsourcing partner
  • How to reduce risks and keep your data secure when outsourcing.

And guess what? It's all yours for the taking – our ebook is a gift from us to you. In other words, it’s FREE. So, no wallets are required here. 

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