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Access to a global talent pool: an outsourcing benefit

Outsourcing can help improve your recruitment capabilities by providing access to a global talent pool.

How does outsourcing give you access to a global talent pool?

An increase in demand and a decrease in supply will always result in the demand product becoming more costly and sometimes difficult to find; these are the basic principles of economics. In this case, the demand is a business’s need for skilled workers.

Outsourcing is an alternative resourcing strategy that can help rectify this issue by allowing businesses access to a global pool of quality talent, all while reducing employment costs by up to 70%. Outsourcing gives your business the ability to tap into a global talent pool to source candidates from anywhere in the world. Not getting enough applications via ads locally or even advertising remote work nationally? Why not consider looking at popular outsourcing locations like the Philippines? Branching out and doing research into what markets are available could open you up to places where what skills you lack close to home may actually be in surplus somewhere else.

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Access to a global talent pool

A leading tech provider of payment solutions and support services operating in the finance industry wanted to pursue growth opportunities in the insurance industry. In order to do so, the client needed to expand it’s workforce and was in need of a skilled content writer they couldn’t find onshore, so decided to try outsourcing.

After successfully hiring a skilled content writer in the Philippines, the client continued to hire offshore to match their business growth requirements. Fast forward to today and the customer now has a total of 12 offshore staff members working in an array of roles including, lead developers, web developers, system administrators, .NET developers and software QA testers; positions that are notoriously difficult to source according to skills and salary expectations.

The results? Implementing an offshore element has increased the client’s ability to improve product functionality dramatically, resulting in improved retention rates and an increase in new customer acquisition.


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Outsourcing allows your business access to a global talent pool of skills and resources that are trained to help your business achieve all kinds of goals. If your business is looking to access expert support, further investing in outsourced functions such as accounting, customer service, data management, digital marketing, finance and technical support are examples of places to start.


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