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Take our free, comprehensive eCourse designed for business leaders interested in learning the ins and outs of outsourcing and how they can apply it to their business.


  • 9 detailed modules delivered straight to your inbox
  • Insightful resources, templates, downloadables and checklists
  • Tips and advice from our outsourcing experts
  • A FREE outsourcing business consultation with one of our experienced experts to discuss your requirements.

What’s included in this eCourse?

Each module will be sent to your inbox by one of our outsourcing experts. These experts have significant experience dealing with businesses of all sizes to establish dedicated teams in the Philippines who help improve efficiencies, reduce costs and deliver business growth.

By the end of this eCourse, you will have a clear understanding of:

  • What outsourcing is, the benefits and why outsource to the Philippines
  • The common myths around outsourcing 
  • How outsourcing works and what an effective outsourced model looks like
  • Infrastructure and location considerations
  • The questions you should be asking outsourcing providers to ensure you partner with the right one for your business
  • How to introduce the concept of outsourcing to your onshore team and how to identify what tasks you want to outsource
  • The technology and processes you need to start outsourcing
  • How to recruit your outsourced team and choose the right employees
  • How to effectively train and onboard new outsourced employees
  • The best ways to provide feedback to your outsourced team
  • The tips and tricks to ensure your outsourcing journey is nothing short of successful.
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How is the eCourse structured?

The nine modules are broken down as follows:

  • Module 1: Introduction to outsourcing
  • Module 2: Understanding how outsourcing works
  • Module 3: How to choose the right outsourcing provider
  • Module 4: Introducing the concept of outsourcing to your onshore team
  • Module 5: How to get your business offshore ready
  • Module 6: How to recruit your outsourced team
  • Module 7: Tips to effectively onboard and train your newly outsourced staff
  • Module 8: Managing your outsourced team for continued success
  • Module 9: Tips and tricks to prevent risk in your outsourcing journey.

Not only will you significantly broaden your knowledge on outsourcing, but you’ll have had access to a plethora of resources and established the necessary connections you need to start planning outsourcing solutions for your business.

How will you receive this eCourse?

By registering below, you’ll receive 9 training modules, sent over the next two weeks, directly to your inbox. Each module is set up to be as comprehensive and insightful as possible, showcased in an easy and visually appealing format.

At the end of your last module, you’ll be offered a FREE business consultation with one of our outsourcing experts to answer any questions you may still have. They can even help provide guidance on your outsourcing strategy.

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