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Much more than just 'an extra pair of hands', the offshore specialists that are a part of your outsourcing journey are highly trained professionals who can offer insights, advice and add value to each stage of the outsourcing process. The process involves recruitment, onboarding, training and ongoing management.

The entire concept of outsourcing is to help drive efficiencies in your organisation. When preparing for an offshore staff member, there are many steps that have to be taken before your organisation is offshore ready. Part of this is implementing best practice around comms, tech, managing output and work in progress. Implementing these practices alone will help increase the efficiency and productivity of your in-house team regardless of outsourcing.

The support you receive from your offshore specialists will guide you to make the right decisions right through your entire outsourcing journey. Expert support will be provided on:

  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Understanding and managing cultural differences
  • Communication
  • Managing work in progress
  • Implementing technology
  • Managing time and productivity
  • Process documentation and more.

You’ll also be provided with additional tools and resources, as well as one-on-one guidance for any questions or queries you have along the way. Some examples of resources we have developed to assist, include:

The moral of the story is that you’re never alone on your outsourcing journey. Outsourcing is an ongoing partnership between an organisation and the outsourcing provider, not a set and forget arrangement. The expert advice you receive along the way will not only benefit your outsourcing journey but also may play a role in improving efficiencies in your wider organisation.

The other benefits of outsourcing include:
  • Save money and resources: Hiring an offshore employee as opposed to hiring talent locally can save your business a considerable amount of money each year. Outsourcing can also free up cash in other areas of your organisation such as HR, training, office space, internet, equipment, etc.
  • Business growth: By hiring an offshore team member, you will free up funds that can be used to reinvest back into the growth of your business. With the additional support of an offshore team member, you can increase the capacity for your organisation to take on more work.
  • Staff happiness: Hiring additional support for your onshore employees will have a positive impact on your working environment. If you’re going to hire staff in a high-cost economy, like Australia, then it makes good business sense for them to be focusing on the strategic tasks that assist with business growth.
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