Outsource CAD operators to the Philippines


What is a CAD operator?

CAD stands for computer aided design. A CAD operator is responsible for drafting plans such as drawings and blueprints for structures or buildings based on organisational requirements. They work with engineers and architects to produce plans for projects such as building, machinery, landscape or anything else that requires a drafted plan layout be outlined.

CAD operator duties and tasks can include:

  • Liaising with engineers, designers and architects to understand calculations, equations and instructions of the overall project before beginning CAD
  • Notating specific symbols to provide guidance on drawings
  • Drafting plans for structures and building designs
  • Drawing and revising the layout of exterior and interior of designs
  • Monitoring building compliance throughout the CAD design process. 

These design tasks are particularly well-suited to being outsourced. Organisations free up their local teams’ time by sending these tasks to outsourced CAD operators. This allows your onshore team to focus on performing higher value, revenue generating work.


What key skills and qualifications make a great CAD operator?

CAD operators are familiar with the ins and outs of drafting software and are mechanically inclined; able to intuitively “see” how things operate and work. They are constantly drafting 2D and 3D computer drawings. This involves the ability to visualise finished products and detail orientation. As they liaise with architects and engineers, they must understand the relevant terminology of these two industries to ensure a seamless transition from plan inception to completion. 

Outsourcing services recruit CAD operators the same way an internal, talent acquisition team would. Essentially, they ask the same questions to understand whether these offshore candidates would be able to provide the level of quality required by Australian organisations:

  • What experience and knowledge do you have working as a CAD operator or in a similar role where you had to draft or design structural plans? 
  • What are your mathematical skills like?
  • How do you ensure excellent communication between yourself, architects and engineers when drafting a design?
  • Provide an example of how you showcased a high level of accuracy and attention to detail.
  • What computer drafting systems are you familiar with?

In terms of qualifications, a higher education degree or certificate in drafting, computer technology, architecture or civil engineering is required given the mathematical and statistical requirements of the role. Internships are also favourable if completed at engineering companies or architectural firms that have a CAD operator function. Outsourcing companies can help you find the right candidate to meet your organisation's CAD operating requirements. Offshore CAD operators can work independently and efficiently support and coordinate with your onshore teams to improve efficiency and increase revenue.

What are the benefits of outsourcing a CAD operator roles offshore?

Organisations are able to appreciate the added benefits that come from offshoring CAD operator duties to the Philippines, including:

Reduced costs
Reduced costs
Save up to 70% on employment costs.
Expert support
Expert support
A reputable outsourced provider can help ensure your outsourced journey is optimised for success.
Improve staff satisfaction
Improve staff satisfaction
Increase employee satisfaction and decrease staff attrition rates.
Business growth
Business growth
Foster sustainable business longevity by reinvesting into the growth of your business.
Flexibility and availability
Flexibility and availability
Help your business become more agile and flexible by opening up 24/7 availability.
Access a global talent pool
Access a global talent pool
Give your business the ability to tap into a global talent pool to source candidates from anywhere in the world.

What are the costs associated with hiring an offshore CAD operator?

Outsourcing your CAD operator roles to the Philippines can represent significant cost savings of up to 70%. At Beepo, we offer a simple monthly fee to help you reduce your overheads and focus on growing your business. This monthly fee covers everything: including infrastructure, security, recruitment and training, management and staff benefits.

For more detailed information on costs, please arrange a business consultation so we can tailor a solution to your business needs.

How does hiring an outsourced CAD operator work?

This first step is to find out if your business is offshore ready. If the answer is yes, here are the next steps:

  • Create a job description: to help us hire the right candidate for your role. We can also assist in this process to ensure we are finding the best talent in the current local market. 
  • Source the right candidate: we source candidates across our database and the local market before presenting you with a shortlist of the most suitable candidates available. 
  • Screen and interview: you screen, interview and select the candidate(s) you’d like to hire while we take care of the infrastructure set up to get them ready to work for your business. It’s usually around six to eight weeks to get your offshore staff up and running.
  • Onboard and train: your business, along with the operational assistance of our offshore management team, organise new staff onboarding and training, including the use of your systems, any relevant processes and workflows they may need and an overview of your company values and culture. This will help your new team member fit seamlessly into your organisation and assist in effective change management with your existing onshore team members.

The Beepo advantage

Beepo is an outsourcing company based in Australia that offers businesses a distinct competitive edge with offshore staffing solutions. We take the time to understand the hardships our clients face when it comes to recruiting hard working, dedicated staff. The Philippines is renowned for its rich talent pool. This makes us adept at finding and recruiting the best talent for our clients.

What other roles and services can your business outsource to the Philippines?

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