Outsourcing tech services
to the Philippines


What is tech outsourcing?

Tech outsourcing is the process of hiring a team or team member, outside of your organisation (typically overseas) to complete an array of tasks. These may include, technical support, helpdesk, software development or web development.

By outsourcing certain elements of your tech business, you can experience an increase in turnaround times, improved customer satisfaction rates and overall business growth.

Why outsource your tech services?

Running a technology company requires a lot of time and investment. Add that to Australia’s ever-increasing labour costs and tech businesses are faced with a number of challenges that can be crippling to business growth.

Outsourcing can help your technology focused business build capability and deliver world class customer service by alleviating the challenges associated with:

Upfront Investment
Access to talent
Return of investment

By implementing an offshore element into your tech business, you stand to benefit from the following, efficiency wins, improved customer experience and staff morale, increased capacity and business growth.



At Beepo, we take the time to understand the hardships our clients face when it comes to recruiting in Australia’s costly and highly regulated workforce. That’s why we offer businesses full-time staff that are 100% dedicated to their business.

Finding specialised talent with a limited budget can cause major disruption to the operations of a tech business. It’s why we focus solely on finding you the right person for the job, at the right price.

Outsourcing tech job roles

You might be running or working in a digital agency, an IT managed services organisation, a software house, a mobile app development firm, or an ICT company. Either way, you’re going to have similar staffing requirements that might seem impossible to fulfil locally while trying to scale and grow your profits.

There are many strategies that can help your tech business grow rapidly, however, outsourcing is a smarter resourcing strategy that allows you to hire staff for a significantly lower cost than if you were to recruit locally.

Due to employment costs being up to 70% less, outsourcing provides you with the opportunity to meet your resourcing requirements with less impact to your bottom line. As a result of lower overheads, we’ve seen clients with an increased ability to do things like dramatically improve  productivity and accelerate product development. As a result of this, one of our clients experienced a 72% increase in new client acquisition rates.

By adding an outsourcing model to your business, you can bolster business functions such as:

How to choose the right provider

Start your outsourcing journey off the right way with the right provider. Ensuring you choose the right provider for your business will ultimately determine the success of your journey. 

To drill into the operations of any prospective outsourcing provider, start by asking the right questions. This will allow you to get a thorough understanding of their operations, T&Cs, protocols and facilities - remember, no two will ever be the same. Some of these questions may include:

  • What tools do you have in place to ensure staff members remain online and productive 100% of the time?
  • Do you operate 24/7?
  • In regard to information management and data security how do you ensure staff are not using personal devices such as mobile phones and USB drives at workstations?
  • How do you manage your team’s aspirations to develop their career while, at the same time, ensuring my own business continuity?
  • What HMO (Healthcare) benefits are your staff eligible for?

This is a crucial step that shouldn’t be overlooked. You need to understand the difference between outsourcing companies so that you can determine which provider meets the specific needs of your business.

The Beepo advantage

At Beepo, we understand the hardships our clients face when it comes to operating in Australia’s costly and highly regulated workforce. It’s why we offer businesses, of all sizes, a competitive advantage with offshore staffing solutions.

Supercharge your business for growth through outsourcing, speak to us today about a tailored solution for your tech business.

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