Are you ready for 2021? If you’re like most business leaders we work with, 2020 has been a mentally draining and for many a financially taxing year.

The Beepo team are excited to have Michael Sheargold as our special guest on this webinar. He’s a master of helping clients reset and refocus to find the motivation and drive needed to bring out their best in 2021.

"Your team is counting on you to have a great strategy, a focused plan and to communicate it well - giving them direction, confidence and certainty." says Michael Sheargold

Sheargold is one of Australia’s most respected business coaches specialising in helping leaders take their business performance to another level. In this webinar, Michael will share with you his top 5 proven strategies to create brilliant momentum in 2021 - strategies that have made his clients millions.

Whether you are seeking the confidence boost needed to make bold decisions in your business or transform your organisation, this webinar is focused on making that change feel achievable for you and your leaders.

Beepo wants to ensure organisations like yours have the opportunity to access this inspiring FREE webinar co-hosted with Michael Sheargold who has over 25 years of experience coaching businesses, empowering leaders and transforming lives.

Join us on Wednesday 2 December at 10:00am AEST to find out how you can make the most of 2021.

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