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Clark BPO firm cited as among Top 500 taxpayers

January 31, 2018   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

CLARK FREEPORT, Pampanga — Beepo, an Australian business process outsourcing (BPO) firm located in this Freeport, was recognized as one of the top 500 taxpayers by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Region No. 4 Pampanga under the medium taxpayers program of 2017.


How to Successfully Increase your Capacity Through Outsourcing: Aimee Engelmann

November 24, 2017   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

In this preview of her Transform Masters Coaching session, Beepo CEO Aimee Engelmann talks about the advantages and common misconceptions of outsourcing, how outsourcing drives customer service and profitability and more.


Real Estate Virtual Assistants & The Future Of Outsourcing

October 28, 2017   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

Let’s face it – we’re all looking for shortcuts to help manage our real estate businesses more efficiently and effectively. One of the best ways to make your daily activities run more smoothly is outsourcing – having someone manage the repeatable tasks for you – allowing you and your team to focus on only high-value activities.


Promising signs for Clark investment as Beepo joins CILA

AUGUST 17, 2016   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

Clark, Philippines 17th August 2016

On July 20, Australian offshoring company Beepo and a host of other international businesses were inducted into the Clark Investors and Locators Association (CILA) at a lunchtime ceremony held at the Widus Convention Centre.


Beepo in the news: Gold Coast firm recruits Filipino skills to help Aussie businesses

JUNE 23, 2016   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

WHEN Aimee Engelmann flew to Manila two years ago, her aim was to determine whether the buzz around outsourcing matched reality.
What she found was a fledgling industry with enormous potential.


Start-up’s break out year heralds big future in Asia for local entrepreneur

APRIL 29, 2016   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

IT IS AS IF THE CITY WAS LIGHTING UP AS BEEPO REACHED ANOTHER FLICKERING MILESTONE. A stunning night view taken from the rooftop of Azzurro Hotel, where celebration of Beepo's 2nd birthday took place


University course in offshoring

MARCH 14, 2016   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

Australia boasts a large population of local datacentres, cloud service providers and managed service offerings. However, it still has to compete with international rivals and, while some Australian organisations like to keep their processing in country, many others are prepared to move it offshore.

Such is the demand that the University of Queensland Business School recently announced Australia’s first university-led course dedicated to offshoring.


Delivering value for clients

FEBRUARY 15, 2016   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

Aimee Engelmann first travelled to the Philippines in late 2013 to seek out graphic designers, office administration help and some bookkeepers for her Brisbane-based marketing business. What she planned as a one-off trip turned into 10 week-long excursions within a year


Beepo takes out trailblazer business award

OCTOBER 26, 2015   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

Beepo is proud to announce that founders Aimee and Mark Engelmann have just been honoured with the prestigious Trailblazer award* at this year's Brisbane Young Entrepreneurs gala dinner held over the weekend.


Brisbane’s Beepo sounds right note on outsourcing for small companies

AUGUST 14, 2015   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

Aimee Engelmann talks with Glenn Norris of the Courier Mail on how outsourcing is no longer the sole domain of multinationals. The industry has well and truly opened up for small and medium businesses, and as a result is set to grow to $24.8 billion in 2015.


How outsourcing can help rapidly scale your Real Estate business

JUNE 27, 2015   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

Aimee Engelmann talks with Josh Cobb of STEPPS on how outsourcing can rapidly scale the real estate business. Aimee shares how outsourcing to the Philippines can help companies in any industry scale their business and seize market opportunities.

Also available on iTunes and Stitcher.


Australian BPO firm boosts Clark operations

JUNE 20, 2015   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

Aimee Engelmann and Beepo was featured in the Philippine Star business page reporting on why Clark was an attractive location to set up Beepo’s operations.


Australian BPO firm expands operations in Clark Freeport

JUNE 19, 2015   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

Beepo was featured on Sunstar Pampanga on why Clark Freeport is a strategic location for the BPO industry.


Australian BPO expands operations in Clark

JUNE 19, 2015   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

Aimee was featured in the Philippine Inquirer, sharing the significant advantages that the Clark Development Corporation offers.

Inquirer.net is a member of the Inquirer Group of Companies. A revered Philippine News Source for the past 18 years.


Picture of Beepo’s feature on a local newspaper

JUNE 18, 2015   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

Beepo was featured in a local newspaper in Central Luzon, Philippines.  Aimee Engelmann, CEO of Beepo shares the business advantages Clark Freeport Zone offers.


Aimee’s interview on Microsoft

JUNE 11, 2015   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

Aimee Engelmann has been featured on Microsoft.com commenting on cloud technology “The key benefit of working from the cloud has been tapping into global resources”.


Aimee Engelmann CEO and founder of Beepo

MAY 14, 2015   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

Aimee Engelmann talks to Toby Jenkins of Bluewire Media on his ‘Web Marketing That Works’ Podcast about the marketing strategies Beepo used to grow from 0 to 150 employees in less than a year.


Interview with Aimee Engelmann on BPO and the power of Virtual Assistants (VA’s)

APRIL 6, 2015   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

"What makes [Beepo] different is that we are at the premium end of the scale. And we really help businesses that are looking for a long-term solution with their offshoring and their outsourcing. We help Australian clients to really connect to their Australian team and then their Philippines team."


Beepo founder Aimee Englemann featured in Octane Magazine’s December issue

DECEMBER 22, 2014   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

15 December 2014 -- Aimee Englemann, Beepo’s founder and CEO, is featured in the Noted & Quoted page of the December 2014 issue of Octane magazine, citing her inspiration to start her own outsourcing firm after a business tour in the Philippines.


Unemployment solutions

SEPTEMBER 12, 2014   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

BEEPO, Inc. is offering over 250 job positions this year including roles in Accounting and Bookkeeping, IT Development and Programming, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Administrative posts as well as openings for Call Agents and others.


Aimee Engelmann nominated for owner manager of the year

SEPTEMBER 2, 2014   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

Beepo’s Managing Director and Co-Founder Aimee Engelmann has been nominated for the Owner Manager of the Year title at the Australian Institute of Management Excellence Awards 2014.



Beepo's managing director gets featured on Queensland Business Monthly

JULY 28, 2014   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

Beepo Managing Director Aimee Engelmann was recently featured on the July issue of Queensland Business Monthly for her new role as the Marketing and Communication Chair for EO Brisbane.


Australian offshoring

JUNE 19, 2014   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

Beepo has been featured in an article about the rise of outsourcing and offshoring for creative industries in Australia.  One of the key points raised is about outsourcing helping businesses become more sustainable, and not decreasing local employee numbers. Read the article below for more information.


Australian marketing entrepreneur opens new business in Clark, Philippines

APRIL 30, 2014   Mark Engelmann 0 comment

CLARK, Philippines—Australian owned outsourcing firm Beepo Inc. announced today that its office in the Philippines is now in full operation. The company opened its doors in Clark Freeport Zone, a growing business hub. Beepo is currently expanding its Philippine talent pool in order to cater to the company’s growing client base.