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How does outsourcing work?

Outsourcing allows you to have access to qualified, English-speaking staff in the Philippines. This means you can give a dedicated staff member tasks and projects to help you achieve your business goals quicker, and on a day-to-day basis. All of the Beepo staff work from the Beepo office and are 100% dedicated to your tasks.

Where are the Beepo staff based?

The Beepo staff are based in the Philippines in an area called Clark, where staff are generally university educated, fluent in English and highly trained.

An advantage of having an offshore team in the Philippines is the minimal time difference with Australia – just two hours behind Eastern Standard Time (three hours during daylight saving), and no time difference with Perth.

Are the Beepo staff paid a fair wage?

Yes. The lowest wage at Beepo is seven times the minimum wage in the Philippines. Our staff are paid above market rate and are eligible for bonuses and pay increases depending on their performance.

What are the Beepo staff facilities like?

Beepo has a world-class facility that offers staff a great place to work with modern facilities, an on-site cafeteria, staff events, and training and development opportunities. We also offer extremely high levels of security and a restricted operating environment in the Philippines. With a security guard and receptionist at the Beepo office entrance, everyone entering the building is screened to ensure they have access privileges, and constant CCTV monitoring operates throughout at all times.

Check out the virtual tour here.

On what basis can you hire staff (PT, FT, casual)?

Beepo offers offshore staff for full-time and part-time positions, as well as some project-based positions (rather than casual). The most popular model is full-time, where the staff member is 100% dedicated to your business.

What kind of positions can be outsourced?

Administration positions such as bookkeeping, data entry, customer support, back-of-house support (sales, marketing etc) all the way through to engineering and architecture. See the full list here.

Is hiring staff offshore bad for the Australian economy?

One of the ethical concerns people have about offshoring and outsourcing is the impact on Australian jobs. In reality, most businesses who are outsourcing offshore are not reducing the number of staff they employ in Australia. Instead, they’re looking at the tasks or processes that can be done more efficiently offshore and then using their Australian staff for more strategic and higher value tasks. Figures show that businesses growing through offshoring are actually employing more people in Australia.

Is outsourcing the same as hiring remote staff?

Yes and no. Outsourcing can refer to small tasks and jobs being delegated to a resource outside of your business, but it can also mean outsourcing a full-time position offshore. At Beepo, outsourcing and hiring remote staff is about having full-time staff members on a long-term basis. Our staff become a vital part of your wider team.

How much money can I save by outsourcing?

The amount you can save your business by outsourcing or offshoring depends on the position that you are outsourcing. Generally you can hire about four people in the Philippines for the same price that you would hire one in Australia.

How does Beepo differ from freelancing websites such as 99 Designs or Fiverr?

At Beepo we offer a high level of supervision and staff management. All of our staff work from the Beepo office where security and risk management is paramount. Staff are also given the required training, development and coaching activities needed to ensure they deliver for your business. They have someone to assist them at all times. While businesses such as 99 Designs and Fiverr are for one-off jobs, Beepo’s offering is focused on helping businesses on a long-term basis. We are a professional services company where staff work five days a week and are 100% dedicated to their clients.

What happens if I'm unhappy with the work of my Beepo staff?

Our recruitment process ensures your staff members have the appropriate skill sets and behaviours to do the work required of them. Our Beepo consultants take time to ensure your staff member is a good fit for both the culture of your company and the position.

We know sometimes things don’t always work out. In the rare case that the relationship is not right, we can put staff on a performance management plan.

And our lifetime recruitment guarantee means we will re-hire for that position for the life of that position anytime it needs to be replaced (not only for performance management, also if the staff member resigns) at no cost.

How do I monitor my staff's work and stay in contact with them?

Phone, Skype, instant messaging, email, project management tools - whatever works for you! All Beepo staff have Australian phone numbers so getting in touch is quick and painless. You can set up regular meetings or catch up as you need to, the choice is yours.

Our supervisors monitor Beepo staff closely and we use time-tracking tools to ensure tasks are completed fast and on time.

Who takes care of training for specific tasks I need for my business?

The offshore staff member allocated to your business will have the relevant qualifications for the position, and you can also train your staff on specific programs or software (eg. Salesforce, Xero, MailChimp etc). However, our staff members often already have knowledge and experience on these programs so they can hit the ground running. We also use an Australian-registered training organisation where staff can be upskilled for position-specific needs.


We've recruited really well out of the local market in Clark, it's certainly exceeded our expectations. We've had some staff members in my team who have got great experience in large hotel chains, in large airlines. They've brought a great skill set on board and we've received fantastic feedback.

Adam Geneave

Adam Geneave

Beepo helps my business by creating customer leads and exploring new markets. Beepo is our offshoring partner because they provide excellent service in market research. We are really happy with the team.

Klaus Pfaffeneder

Klaus Pfaffeneder
RUD Germany

Jenny's work last week and this week has resulted in us blasting past budget for this month and next. She's taken on a critical responsibility, and through her dedication and hard work she's excelled. Thank you Beepo.

Andrew Herbert

Andrew Herbert
5 Degrees Property