4 reasons to outsource your basic admin work

4 reasons to outsource your basic admin work
Beth McConnachy
Beth McConnachy
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Basic admin tasks are usually the least favourite tasks to be completed in your business. These tasks are often vital for the successful operation of your business, however, they can be tedious, repetitive and at times boring. Imagine if you could focus on your core competencies or high-value tasks, instead of being caught up with admin.

Here are our top four reasons to outsource your low value, basic admin work.

Staff satisfaction

When your staff are able to do the tasks that are high-value and engaging, rather than those that are boring and repetitive, they will be happier and more satisfied in their job. When deciding what tasks to outsource, it’s a good idea to ask your staff what their least favourite tasks are. These tasks are usually high volume, low value admin tasks and by taking the burden of these tasks off your staff, they will be more satisfied in their job.


When you hire an outsourced admin specialist, you will have a staff member that is solely responsible for your basic admin. Naturally a specialist will be more productive and efficient than someone that does the task in addition to their core job. The effect on productivity is two sided; your offshore staff member will be more productive in completing your admin tasks and your onshore staff will have more time to focus on what they were hired to do.


Philippines-based administrative assistant salaries are approximately 70% lower than their Australian counterparts. Plus, if your current basic admin tasks are being completed by staff not originally employed to complete such work, the costs can be even higher because managerial salaries are much higher than basic admin salaries. When your employees are bogged down in admin tasks, they are not adding immediate value to the business, so this would translate directly into losses to your bottom line.

Fewer errors

When you hire an offshore admin specialist you’ll also reduce margin for error. When your local staff have to complete boring, repetitive admin tasks on top of their work, they are more likely to rush through which creates more room for error. When your staff offshore complete the same few tasks consistently and following a set process, they will become experts at those tasks and will therefore make less mistakes. Repetition creates efficiency and accuracy. All reputable outsourcing companies have rigorous quality assurance and performance monitoring processes in place to further minimise margin for error.

An offshore admin team member can significantly improve your business efficiency and productivity while reducing costs. Are you curious to see if your business is ready to engage an offshore team? Read our blog about how to prepare your organisation for offshore outsourcing.

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