4 tips for putting client experience at the centre of your accountancy firm

4 tips for putting client experience at the centre of your accountancy firm
Beth McConnachy
Beth McConnachy
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Every good accountancy firm should have their customers at the centre of their operations. The retention and organic growth opportunity this will create will be critical to the success of your organisation.

The following blog will give you four tips on how to elevate your client’s experience with your firm.

  1.  Get your tech up to scratch - fast

    The advancement of technology has made it significantly easier for accountants to connect with their clients. If you haven’t already moved to the cloud, you need to - now. Giving your team access to documents at anytime, anywhere, will increase their efficiency immensely and in turn, improve the service you can provide to your clients.

  2.  Get your team in front of clients more often

    Ensuring your frontline staff have face time with clients is crucial. Spending time with clients will ensure relationships are nurtured effectively. It will also identify any potential opportunities to grow an account.

  3.  Introduce workflows - and reduce margin for error

    A workflow outlines the process that needs to be followed to complete a task from start to finish. They streamline business processes, dramatically reduce margin for error and will make your firm more efficient.

  4.  Utilise smarter resourcing strategies

    Outsourcing is a strategy that can free up your local team of all the back-office, repetitive, time consuming tasks. Relieving them of basic admin will ensure they have the time to spend with your client’s need and go that extra mile.

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