5 reasons you need quality customer support for your business

5 reasons you need quality customer support for your business
Nick Ogden
Nick Ogden
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Did you know that it takes 12 positive customer support experiences to make up for just one negative customer support incident?

It’s a no brainer then that you need to invest in kick-ass customer support all year round. Not only will it help with new client acquisition and retention, but also your reputation and staff satisfaction.

Here are our top 5 reasons you need kick-ass customer support for your business:

  1. New client acquisition

    Marketing your business doesn’t come cheap. Getting the word out there about the service or product you offer is harder than some may realise. By delivering good customer support, to your surprise, the marketing will be done for you. Positive word-of-mouth (WOM) is a type of marketing that you can’t buy - it’s priceless. People tend to listen to a friend or family member more than an online review. By delivering the best customer support around, you’ll find WOM to be the most effective approach when it comes to acquiring new clients. And don’t forget, new clients = more business.

  2. Improves client retention

    Most of the time, customer retention is cheaper than customer acquisition. Because of this, it is crucial for businesses to focus on retaining customers if they wish to make a profit. Customers are willing to pay more money for good, quality service. In fact, 50% of customers will increase their purchasing with a business after a positive experience (Hubspot, 2019). Having good customer support will leave customers with this experience. If time and time again a customer continues to receive this kind of service, you’ll gain yourself a loyal customer. Benefit programs offer customers an incentive to keep doing business with your business. Customer loyalty will be the heart of your reviews, referrals, recommendations and a large % of your profits. So, treat these customers well, provide them with benefits and keep them coming back.

  3. Creates a point of difference

    Another reason why you need kick arse customer support is to create a point of difference for your business. Now days, finding a business with excellent customer support is harder than finding a needle in a haystack. Decent customer support is so rare that 86% of customers would pay 25% more if it meant they were going to receive better service (Hubspot, 2019).

  4. Builds a positive business reputation

    The service your business delivers will represent your brand image, reputation and business values. Ensuring you have good customer support will reserve your business's reputation. A positive reputation comes with a positive word-of-mouth. Customers are quick to leave online reviews when the service leaves an impact. Having kick arse customer support will lead to positive reviews, referrals and recommendations; the things that will increase your customer acquisition.

  5. Decreases employee turnover

    Having happy employees is the foundation of good customer support. Creating a work environment that allows your employees to thrive will not only reflect through their delivery of service, but will also decrease your employee turnover. In order for you to deliver the best customer support, you need the team at the forefront to be happy in their roles.

To learn more about the evolution of customer service and how you can keep up, check out the following blog, Evolving Customer Service Models.

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