Why are you a CEO? Why are you a Business Owner?

Why are you a CEO? Why are you a Business Owner?
Mark Engelmann
Mark Engelmann
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Reality exceeds expectation

Lately, I’ve been thinking about why people end up in the careers they do. It appears to me that a lot of people enter a career with a really positive perception of what it is going to be like; only to be disappointed when they actually start doing the job and realise the day-to-day tasks are not what they expected. They spend far less time than originally anticipated doing what they hoped would fill their work day and it doesn’t take long for job satisfaction to lull, cynicism to get a foothold, office culture to sour and everyone (or someone) to become unhappy.

There are too many reasons to list why this happens; but some might be: poor workforce planning, job requirements changing, external compliance requirements, poor recruiting and onboarding, you may have changed what you want in a job…

The Golden Circle

Simon Sinek is famous for developing the concept of ‘The Golden Circle’:


In short, the concept goes like this….

You know WHAT you do e.g. you’re a Business Owner, or a Business Development Manager, Receptionist etc.

You know HOW you do it e.g. You know how to create a strategy, write job descriptions, promote products, update your calendar etc.

BUT, do you know WHY you do what you do? What’s the purpose?

Simon Sinek explains that his why is ‘to inspire others to be inspired’. Powerful stuff.

Why are you a CEO? Why are you a Business Owner?

In the following YouTube clip, Sinek is interviewed by London Real on his struggles to find his why, how he came up with the Golden Circle and what he is doing now. It’s only 6 minutes - have a watch.


Sales, Marketing and Management are all people businesses. Whether you’re dealing with Clients and Customers or Employees and Shareholders; at the end of the day you’re in it because you like people, you like building relationships and you like communicating. If this is you, I bet you’d rather not be sitting behind your computer trawling through recruitment applications, or managing wages or administrative work!

You would probably rather be out chasing new clients and growing the size of your business, finding brilliant recruits or exploring new ways to promote your products.

The Golden Circle says if you aren’t following your Why, you won’t love your work. Watch some more of Simon Sinek on YouTube and you learn that ‘if we don’t love our work, we don’t look out for each other, then we feel lonely’. Think about what that means for yourself, your colleagues and your office culture - not good.

So why does someone from an Outsourcing Company care so much about your job satisfaction and wellbeing?

You’ve probably heard about the recent popularity of Philippines-based Outsourcing. The basic premise of the whole business strategy is to get the team in Australia or the U.S. (YOU!) out doing more of what they were hired to do (Growing the business, increase sales, providing killer customer service) and have the other stuff taken care of by a fully trained, Philippines-based Outsourced Assistant.

It’s probably worth looking into.

You should download our FREE ebook, '107 Ideas for Outsourcing your Sales and Marketing', read it and then have a think about how an Outsourced Virtual Assistant could get you back on track to meeting the vision you have for yourself.

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