What to expect from outsourcing

Mark Engelmann
Mark Engelmann
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Considering Outsourcing but don’t know what to expect? This blog will inform you of the myths of outsourcing, how it works, what change to expect, and how to prepare your business for the next step.

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a fee for service contracting agreement that allows businesses to ‘lease’ staff members overseas on a full-time basis through a provider like Beepo. At Beepo we look after the people pain that comes with recruiting a new employee. We manage the employment, payroll, data/information security and provide your offshore employee with onsite supervision, equipment, internet and office space. Leaving you with the simple responsibility of delegating the day-to-day tasks. This allows you to dedicate your time and attention to your local team members.

To understand more about Outsourcing, read the following blog “What is Outsourcing?”

The myths of Outsourcing

To many existing employees, Outsourcing is perceived to take away job roles in Australia. On the contrary, the process of Outsourcing provides opportunities for further recruitment in the future while your business continues to grow.

Australia’s job market is evolving. How often do we hear millennials commenting that they no longer want to do the repetitive, mundane, process driven tasks? They want to work on strategic projects and be customer facing. Instead of perceiving outsourcing as a process that takes away job roles in Australia, view the process as one that changes the roles that are available. Eliminating the low-value, repetitive tasks leaves the high-value tasks left for your local employees. At Beepo, our team excel at completing the process driven tasks so your local team can get on with your core business.

When you outsource properly you will notice, improvements to customer service and employee retention, as well as bottom line benefits and improved cash flow. You will be able to use this extra capital to grow, scale and invest in improvements across your business. How you may ask?

How does Outsourcing work?

Due to the significant difference in the cost of living in the Philippines, businesses are able to recruit staff overseas for a lower cost. Because of this, businesses are finally able to test and trial different tactics and strategies without running the risk of losing money by employing locally with higher wages. By leveraging Global economics, you will be able to identify what works best to help your business grow, while avoiding overextending yourself financially.

What change to expect

Outsourcing provides opportunities for current employees to focus on important, high-value tasks that leave them with a sense of self accomplishment and job satisfaction. Whilst focusing on the important tasks; the low-value, repetitive duties that usually result employee ‘dis-satisfaction’, are allocated to your offshore team members.

Outsourcing is a process of employing the right person for the right task. Freeing up your highly qualified employees from these low-value tasks and allowing them to focus on the things they enjoy, will ensure maximum efficiency in your business. At Beepo, we have observed that our Philippines-based staff, when in the right role, doing the right tasks are 30% more productive than their Australian counterparts. Eliminating these low-value tasks will benefit your local Australian staff by allowing them to focus on high value tasks such as sales, customer retention and business improvement initiatives. All of which will result in greater efficiencies in your business, improved job satisfaction amongst staff and overall greater staff retention.

With a shift in staff motivation and a change in dynamic, your business will experience fantastic growth in business efficiency and job satisfaction.

What will change?

Your business will experience

  • Increase in business efficiency
  • Increase in job satisfaction
  • Increase in staff retention
  • Free up of cash
  • The ability to test and trial different strategies, while minimising financial risk, to see what works best for you business

Seriously considering Outsourcing? Here’s how to prepare your business for the next step...

Informing your staff of your outsourcing decisions is crucial. This will allow you to answer any questions and to reassure your existing team that job roles will not be reducing in your business but instead, changing.

Engaging with your staff on your outsourcing plan, will allow you to further identify the tasks that bog down your existing team and can be delegated to an offshore team.

Once your team is ready to engage an outsourcing provider, ensuring you have the right technology to facilitate a remote working environment is also important. 

With the right training plan your offshore team member will be ready in no time. Once training is complete you can focus on managing and growing your team overseas. For an easy way to train remote workers check this out.

What next?

To read more on how to prepare your business for outsourcing read “Your 8 Step outsourcing plan”. Or if you are ready to take the next step, why not schedule a free business consultation.

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