The top 6 reasons why recruiting offshore team members is more cost effective for your business

The top 6 reasons why recruiting offshore team members is more cost effective for your business
Mark Engelmann
Mark Engelmann
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Congratulations! Your business is growing. It’s now time to recruit new team members to keep up with the work. Have you budgeted for a new team member? Employing new staff can often be a bit more expensive and time consuming than you think.

While putting on a new staff member is sometimes a necessary requirement to grow your business; recruiting a new employee can also result in strain. For example, the pain of managing a growing team, extra office accommodation, superannuation and leave, workers comp, insurance… the list goes on.

The aim of recruiting new team members is to increase your ability to take on more work. However, the inconvenience and extra expenses in the recruitment process requires a lot of time, energy and money.

An alternative to recruiting locally is to consider offshore talent by working with an outsourcing provider. When recruiting through an outsourcing provider, they will usually take full responsibility for the people pain, office accommodation, payroll tax, legislative requirements and all the other inconvenient, time consuming tasks related to recruiting and employing new staff.

Here are 6 reasons why you should consider recruiting an offshore team member:

  1. Low cost economy

    The Philippines is a low cost economy. This means office rent, staff salaries, equipment, and everything else involved in putting a new staff member on costs LESS. Utilising the economics of the Philippines by outsourcing your next team member will allow you to save and re-invest money back into your business.
  2. Office accommodation

    While freeing up space in the office is one issue, what if you simply do not have enough space? You then need to consider leasing a larger office and all of the complications that go along with office moves etc. Other considerations might include the costs of extra equipment; however when outsourcing a role, the office space, desk, chair and all other necessary equipment are all taken care of by the provider.
  3. People Pain

    When engaging with an outsourcing provider, they will look after much of the time intensive and compliance stuff including interviewing, recruiting, training, payroll, HR management and information systems, superannuation, workers compensation, leave, employment offers, contracts, bonuses, you name it, they take care of it! All the possible people pain that consumes hours of your time is - leaving you with time to focus on high-value tasks and grow your business.
  4. Supervision

    When recruiting through an outsourcing provider, supervision is taken care of e.g. tardiness and productivity. The outsourcing provider will ensure your new team member is constantly supervised and has everything they need to be productive in their work.
  5. Internet

    Your chosen outsourcing provider will supply your new offshore team member with a high-quality, secure, and reliable internet connection. This will ensure your offshore team member will have access to any tools necessary and most importantly, can keep in contact with you. No need for you to increase your monthly GB allowance or your bandwidth for a new team member.
  6. Data Security

    The security of data and information is naturally a concern when businesses recruit offshore. Fortunately (and depending on the provider), the level of security in the Philippines can actually be higher than that found in Australia. For example, at Beepo, we have a 9-part finance industry standard security protocol to ensure your business information, customer data and privacy are all secure.
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