Top 3 gadgets for your real estate virtual assistant

Top 3 gadgets for your real estate virtual assistant
Mark Engelmann
Mark Engelmann
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Is your business about to bring on a Virtual Assistant in The Philippines? For less than $60 you can start using these 3 important pieces of technology to effectively work with and manage your Philipines based Virtual Assistant:

Web Cam

  • You need a webcam to be able to see your Virtual Assistant during meetings and online training sessions.

  • Most desktops don’t come with a webcam; however if you’re working from a laptop you probably already have one.

  • Smart phones and tablets have cameras that will work with all major web conferencing tools.

  • If you need to buy a webcam they are cheap (starting at around $50)


  • Although your computer will likely have a microphone and speakers, if you’re working in a busy office you will need a headset so you do not interrupt your colleagues, can hear your Virtual Assistant clearly, and speak to them.

  • There are heaps of different types of headsets out there that range from $10 all the way through to $1000s.

  • If you’re in a busy office and you struggle to hear your Virtual Assistant over your colleagues, then it would be worth investing in a noise-cancelling headset.

  • Personally, I use the earbuds that came with my smart phone. It works perfectly.  

Webcams and Headsets can be found at any electronics or IT store e.g. Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi etc.

Web Conferencing Software

  • There are heaps of options out there.  We recommend Zoom - you can trial it for free, which will allow you to have 30 minute meetings maximum or pay around $50/year to unlock all of it’s amazing functionality.

  • Zoom is a lot more stable than other platforms like Skype i.e. less dropouts, clearer video and audio, not as ‘choppy’.

  • Zoom also has more useful functionality such as:

  • meeting scheduler

  • built in recording with cloud storage available

  • calendar sync

  • webinar functionality

  • You can even whiteboard ideas within your video/web conference for all participants to see and collaborate on.

Zoom works on your smartphone too - so you can talk and see your Assistant while you are on the go.

Where to from here?

Don’t let technology become an excuse for delaying your outsourcing project.  The reason outsourcing is so effective today, is because the technology is available to allow us all to work across borders, with new people and different cultures.  It is an exciting time to be in the workforce - don’t short change yourself by turning a cold shoulder.

If you want to learn more about how to utilise a Real Estate Virtual Assistant in your business download our eBook, Answering all of your questions about outsourcing in the real estate sector.

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