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Customer experience… what is it?
November 20, 2019

Customer experience… what is it?

Written by: Beth McConnachy

Are your business operations focused around the customer? For many, customers are at the heart of their business - and with good reason. Without customers a business is nothing. It’s this particular reason that gives customer experience the power to either make or break a business.

So, what exactly is customer experience?

Customer experience is a customer’s holistic perception of your business/brand based on their personal experience (hotjar, 2019). Whether it be through visits to your website, phone communications, face-to-face interactions with your frontline staff, or experiences with a product, every interaction leaves an impact. It’s these impacts that will determine the customer’s experience with your business.

Customer experience is very powerful in the sense that it will dictate whether or not the customer intends to interact with your business again; that is, a positive customer experience leads to positive business in the future.

What are 3 benefits of providing great customer experience?
  1. Secures profits

    Leaving your customers satisfied with their experience will increase their intention to purchase from your business. In fact, 49% of buyers will make an impulse purchase with a business after receiving a more positive, personalised experience (SuperOffice, 2019). Not to mention the 67% of customers that say they will pay more for a great experience (Genesys, 2018). Providing your customers with a great customer experience will increase the likelihood of them repeat purchasing from your business; and will therefore, secure profits.

  2. Builds a positive reputation for your business

    Customer experience is important because it also builds on business reputation. 72% of customers will share a positive experience with 6 or more people (SuperOffice, 2019). Therefore, providing your customers with an outstanding experience will lead to positive customer reviews and recommendations. While marketing your business comes at a price, positive word-of-mouth is priceless and is also the most effective marketing strategy for customer acquisition.

  3. Provides opportunities for business growth

    By providing your customers with an experience they won’t forget, you can expect to see opportunities for business growth. As I mentioned earlier, customer experience is important because it has the power to make or break a business. Not only will it add value to your bottom line, but it can also create foundations for business growth. More customers = more profit, more profit = more opportunities for your business to grow.

Customer experience stats & trends

Negative customer experience can be a result of many failing factors. Current frustrations related to customer experience include, lack of knowledge, training, empathy and long wait times (hotjar, 2019). These are the speedbumps that prevent companies from achieving their customer experience goals. However, according to a survey conducted by hotjar, only 12% of companies embed their customer experience strategy in everything they do.

Considering customer service will take over the importance of product and place by 2020 (SuperOffice, 2019), now more than ever, businesses need to shift their focus by putting customers at the centre of their operations. Remaining agile in a changing business landscape and responding to a constant need to adapt to evolving consumer needs eliminates the risk of losing them to competitors (SmartBusiness, 2013). Putting the customer at the centre of your business is essentially the key to success. For those that already do, further training, quality assurance and testing will ensure your remain customer-centric into the future.

To learn more about customer support and the benefits it can have on your business, read this blog.

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