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Mark Engelmann
Mark Engelmann
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You’ve chosen to outsource to The Philippines and you want someone with Australian experience. What makes you think you’re going to find someone with Australian experience in The Philippines?

The Philippines outsourcing proposition was never ‘find talented, English speaking workers who can slide right into any role you have available in your business without any training.’ How often do you find someone in Australia that doesn’t require any training? Never.

What makes you think these people exist in The Philippines? In the middle of Asia? 8500km away from Australia? It doesn’t make any sense. Yet, customers ask us this day in, day out - and have done since Beepo began.

Look, you might get lucky. Our recruitment team might get lucky. We might find someone with Australian experience that can slot straight into your business. But don’t count on it.

And even if we did find someone in The Philippines with Australian experience, would it be worth it?

This is how The Experience Continuum works:

The Experience Continuum

If you want someone with Australian experience, it is going to cost you. It is going to cost you more than someone without Australian experience. So you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. By paying more, am I really leveraging the power of outsourcing?
  2. How much more do I need to pay to find someone with the same skills and experience in Australia?
  3. How long would it take me to train someone without the Aus experience? And would that cost me less than the Aus experienced person?
  4. How much longer will it take to hire someone with Aus experience in The Philippines? And am I better off getting someone smart with no experience and train them myself?

Outsourcing is not a silver bullet - it never has been. You don’t just pay the money and find someone who can solve all your problems. You’re running a business - business ownership is about solving problems… day-in, day-out.

Hiring outsourced staff in the Philippines is about finding incredibly intelligent, tertiary experienced people with great English skills to work in your business at a really, really competitive price. If you start to play with that value proposition, then expect the price to change.

When you hire staff in Australia, you need to train them. When you hire staff in The Philippines, you need to train them. When you stop thinking about finding cheap superheroes for your business, and start looking at outsourcing as another tool you can use to help solve problems then you will start to realise the transformational benefits outsourcing has to offer.

If you're keen to learn how properly integrating an outsourced team into your business can result in transformational benefits then read our 5 part Education Series. The Education Series provides you with a step by step process so you get it right the first time.

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