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Outsourcing cost-cutting action plan: 7 steps to success

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Education provider achieves 24/7 tutor support through outsourcing

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10 offshore roles you need now to boost your capability and grow your margins

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33 questions to ask your outsourcing provider

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Data security and outsourcing: best practice

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Outsourcing success - a collection of case studies

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Outsourcing toolkit part 1

This FREE eBook is part one of a two-part series guide using articles, videos and tips to answer all of your questions on what outsourcing is, dispel myths, how to choose the right provider and how to introduce the offshoring concepts to your existing team.

Outsourcing toolkit part 2

This FREE eBook is part two of a two-part series guide using articles, videos and tips to answer all of your questions on outsourcing from process reviews, recruitment, training and onboarding to implementation and future actions.

The education series

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Professional services company increases lead generation by 104% in 12 months

In this FREE case study learn how offshoring certain marketing tasks achieve a 104% increase in lead generation over 12 months for a medium-sized professional services organisation.

Professional services organisation grows client base by 375%

In this FREE case study learn how hiring offshore teams for the first time led to a 375% increase in client acquisition rates over three years for a professional services organisation.

Outsourcing industry report

This FREE report provides an overview of the global outsourcing industry. Learn about the size of the industry, what sorts of jobs are being outsourced to which countries, where the outsourcing hotspots are around the globe and what the future holds for outsourcing.