Outsourcing success - a collection of case studies

Discover how outsourcing has played a key role in helping businesses of all sizes achieve unique goals through this eBook showcasing real-life outsourcing success stories.

How to achieve business efficiency without significant investment

Implementing tools and strategies that generate the best results for the least cost will give your organisation the greatest chance to thrive and survive beyond COVID-19. Download this eBook to find out how to maximise your business efficiency today.

A best practice approach to customer service

In these times of the connected consumer, service expectations are at an all time high. So are you set up to meet your brand’s customer promise? This eBook will help your business navigate best practice customer service standards.

10 Offshore Roles You Need Now to Boost Your Capability and Grow Your Margins

Want to leverage the power of an offshore team? This eBook provides information on the top 10 roles you can easily outsource to the Philippines to add instant value to your business.

How to Scale and Grow Your Professional Services Business Through Outsourcing: A Case Study

Scaling and growing in a high cost economy is a challenge for any business - even a market leader. How do you continue to invest in innovation to stay ahead of the pack, while trying to access talent across a wide range of roles? In this case study learn how one organisation rapidly and sustainably grew their client base simply by implementing a smarter resourcing strategy.

How to Scale and Grow Your Organisation with a Blended Marketing Team: an Outsourcing Case Study​

It's not surprising so many organisations struggle with efficiency and lack of focus in their marketing departments as a result of how complex this business function has become. Implementing a resourcing model to support your business objectives is crucial to defining a clear focus and achieving optimum ROI. Find out how a blended onshore / offshore resourcing strategy works and the associated benefits in this case study.

Outsourcing Industry Report

Want to leverage the power of an offshore team? This report is the ideal guide for anyone wanting to learn about the industry, upcoming trends, the benefits and the future of outsourcing.

Outsourcing Toolkit Part 1

The following eBook will tell you everything you need to know about outsourcing. What is it? Why the Philippines? What to expect? You name it, we cover it.

Outsourcing Toolkit Part 2

Outsourcing is a process that, if done well, can supercharge your business for growth. The following eBook will be your ultimate guide on how to set yourself up for outsourcing success.

The Secrets of Outsourcing Offshore Exposed

A critical aspect of successfully outsourcing offshore is learning from the wins and failures of those who have been there, done that. This eBook explores outsourcing through 11 real life case studies.

Best Practice Data Security in the Outsourcing Industry

Find out what you should be looking for in a provider in terms of data protection and security by downloading the following eBook.

The Education Series

Although businesses are realising massive benefits from utilising offshore staff; for many, the development of an offshore team is difficult, fraught with danger and can result in damaging losses to your business. There are many risks along the way.

This is why we have created a 5 part Education series consisting of detailed whitepapers and highly practical templates; which will provide you with the tools to ensure many of those risks are mitigated and place you in a position to leverage your offshore team to deliver amazing, transformational growth to your business.

33 Questions to Ask Your Outsourcing Provider

Considering implementing an offshore strategy in your business, but not really sure what to ask prospective providers to ensure you select the right model? This eBook will arm you with questions that will drill down into the operations of any prospective outsourcing provider.

107 Ideas for Outsourcing Your Sales and Marketing

Searching for inspiration on how to make an outsourced Sales & Marketing strategy work in your business? Our free eBook covers 107 different ideas to help maximise your business’ sales and marketing results.

The Truths Behind Outsourcing to the Philippines

There are many misconceptions about outsourcing to the Philippines. These common myths usually stem from a lack of understanding about how the outsourcing industry actually works. The following eBook will debunk these myths and explore the benefits of outsourcing.

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR - Outsourcing offshore for LJH & Harveys - your questions answered

Get educated on the productivity and profitability outsourcing brings in this on-demand webinar. Plus all your questions answered:
  • Show you how you can save over $5000 a month 
  • Set the record straight on some of the most common myths we hear regarding language skills, data security and privacy
  • Show you the quality of the work being produced
  • Share relevant case studies on who’s doing what offshore already in PM admin, sales support, marketing and bookkeeping (and the success they are having)