Outsourcing offshore secrets: exposed

Thinking about exploring outsourcing in your organisation?

There’s no better way to learn about outsourcing than to hear from those who have ‘been there, done that’. We interviewed 11 business leaders about their experience outsourcing offshore and the tips, lessons and advice they can offer to those interested in outsourcing themselves and compiled them all into one eBook.

Here is a brief overview of each story to get you started:


1. Tips for offshoring successfully - Nigel Beaman

Nigel Beaman has over 26 years experience in leading and managing people, including managing a 200-strong offshore operation in the Philippines. In Chapter 1, Nigel discusses the quality that you can expect from an offshore team and explores a wide range of cultural differences, from work ethic, right through to occupational health and safety.

With useful strategies surrounding induction, onboarding and coaching of an offshore team, his experience provides a solid foundation for a successful start to any outsourcing journey.


2. Introducing offshore staff to a real estate business - Sonia

Sonia is the department head of a very busy property management office that has successfully integrated offshore staff into their team. Sonia details how her team started with outsourcing, and how they reviewed and improved their accounts and property management processes to increase efficiency. She provides no holds barred insight into the initial shock reactions from local staff and how they achieved buy-in from everyone.

In Chapter 2, she explains the practical do’s and don’ts, as well as tried-and-tested strategies to plan for, train and manage offshore real estate staff.

exposed_ 2. Introducing offshore staff to a real estate business - Sonia


3. Security and quality when outsourcing - Matt Garrett

Matt Garrett has over 25 years of operations and management experience under his belt, including working as a former serving member of the Australian Defence Force and in his own business.

Matt lived in the Philippines for years, leading a large offshore team. This places him in a unique position to provide first-hand insight into the risk factors that business owners may need to consider when outsourcing offshore.

In Chapter 3, Matt answers some of the critical outsourcing questions that business owners have surrounding business continuity, geographical implications, data security and privacy protection practices in the Philippines.


4. Offshoring in the modern workplace - Jackie Tan

Jackie Tan has extensive experience in admin and management roles. When Jackie’s employer introduced the idea of a Philippines-based staff member to support Jackie’s role, she was understandably sceptical.

A self-confessed stickler for doing things in a systematic way, Jackie openly shares how her perceptions changed as she moved along their outsourcing journey. She details their successful training and communication strategies, as well as managing everyday operations and common communication tools and software.

In Chapter 4, Jackie explains her experience with outsourcing within the context of the modern Australian workforce, and how it brought much-needed flexibility for working Australian families and their employers.


5. The CEO with a 100% offshore team - Charles McKay

Charles McKay is CEO of a thriving agency that’s breaking the traditional business structure mould, with 100% of his team located offshore in both South Africa and India. Charles dives into his all-in approach to outsourcing, discussing essential setup considerations, managing competing time zones and cultures, and monitoring performance within a global context.

In Chapter 5, learn about the benefits and scalability of this unique company structure, including the impact on relationships with clients and suppliers and the attainment of the highly sought after work/life blend.

exposed_5. The CEO with a 100% offshore team - Charles McKay


6. The CMO’s secret weapon - Chris Melotti

Chris Melotti, CMO of the Year recipient, understands the intense pressures that come with juggling the conflicting time and budget constraints of content marketing. Chris discusses the main drivers for outsourcing marketing tasks, increasing manpower while improving the budget, job satisfaction and reducing attrition, and best-practice training and communication tips.

In Chapter 6, Chris also steps through the best ways to handle change management and get buy-in from your local team, including seeking team input when determining the tasks to be redistributed offshore.


7.  Nailing the niche play with offshoring - Chris Green

Chris Green is founder of two niche organisations and has a deep understanding of outsourcing offshore, especially in the Philippines. Chris first turned to offshoring in order to stay competitive when cheaper, lookalike companies began to challenge their market share.

Chris shares frank often-confronting insights into the differences in work ethic, culture and the outsourcing challenges across the USA, Ukraine, India and the Philippines. He also looks at the pros and cons of various outsourcing models, including freelancer and BPO.

In Chapter 7, Chris details how they’ve successfully built one of their most valuable pieces of IP with the help of their outsourced staff, creating a solid foundation for their brands.

exposed_ 7.  Nailing the niche play with offshoring - Chris Green


8. The outsourced superhero myth - Carl Taylor

Carl Taylor is an entrepreneur, starting his first business at just 15 years of age. By the time he was 16 years old, Carl was hiring staff offshore in a bid to run a lean business.

Carl understands the ins and outs of leveraging outsourced staff to run a lean, flexible and scalable operation. He shares how to avoid the trap of overpaying offshore staff and how to ensure that the ‘offshore superhero myth’ doesn’t sabotage success.

Chapter 8 tackles delegating successfully and communicating with less words to get real value from an outsourced team.

exposed_skylineexposed_from airplane


9. Training tips revealed by a Filipino trainer - Lamey Vega

Lamey Vega is one of the top Real Estate Trainers in the Philippines, having been a part of the pioneering offshore team for Rental Express in 2013. Lamey shares unique, behind-the-scenes insights into the best-practice onboarding and training of offshore staff employed to work within the Australian Real Estate sector.

Chapter 9 explores how Filipino Property Management Assistants (PMAs) and Sales Assistants (SAs) go through real-life training scenarios to develop an understanding of Australian Real Estate legislation, terminology and jargon.


10. Evolving business & evolving outsourcing models - Toby Jenkins

Toby Jenkins is an Olympian, author and co-founder of a web consultancy firm, who has spent upwards of seven years testing various outsourcing models. In Chapter 10, Toby openly shares the wins and failures of his outsourcing journey. He digs deep into the mindset shift which saw him approach offshoring as a way to run a flexible, geographically independent business, not just a way to access low cost talent.

More importantly, he explores how to break out of your current outsourcing model if you’re feeling trapped, or when your business is evolving and you need to pull your offshoring model into alignment.


11. CFO spills the beans: ROI for outsourcing offshore - Katrina Tocco

Katrina Tocco is a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) and CFO, with five years experience outsourcing finance tasks to the Philippines, refining processes with game-changing return on investment (ROI) for the business.

Katrina understands the time squeeze often felt in a busy finance department and shares her straightforward take on the key tasks, staff requirements and processes that are needed to drive success for any CFO or Finance Manager.

In the final chapter, she covers everything from accounting in the cloud and staff headcount, through to task handover. From simple processing to detailed financial analysis and KPI’s that directly benefit the bottom line.

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