Outsourcing success - a collection of case studies

Want to know how outsourcing has played a key role in helping businesses of all sizes achieve unique goals?

The following eBook showcases real-life outsourcing success stories across a variety of industries including accounting, financial services, technology and real estate.

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The global business process outsourcing or BPO market size is estimated to hit $230 billion by 2027 compared to $162 billion in 2020. This anticipated growth is a direct reflection of the industry's ability to adapt to new market dynamics and challenges. The success of outsourcing companies stems from their ability to evaluate client’s needs across various markets and establish solutions to help meet their unique goals.

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But first, let’s touch on some outsourcing benefits all clients experience when choosing outsourcing as a business solution.

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Outsourcing is a resourcing solution that delivers a number of business benefits to clients, including:

Compilation_Cost savings

Cost savings

Hiring new staff is an expensive process and outsourcing can save your organisation money by having day-to-day tasks completed in a lower-cost economy, where employment costs are up to 70% less.

Compilation_Improved efficiencies-and staff satisfaction

Improved efficiencies

Outsourcing experts help you identify roles that would be best suited to send to an offshore employee. That way, your local team can focus on what they do best and what motivates them leading to productivity improvements across the board.

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Business scalability

One of the many reasons organisations struggle to grow is a lack of funds to invest in additional resources to support growth objectives. With the additional support of an offshore team member(s), you can increase the capacity for your organisation to take on more work.

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Now, let’s have a look at the current state of the market across the following industries:



Over the past 10 years, the accounting industry has seen significant growth amid global challenges such as the pandemic, with market forecasts set to hit $734.94 billion by 2025 with a compound annual growth rate of 6%. Learn more about how one mid sized accounting and advisory firm used outsourcing as a strategy to keep up with market changes by downloading the full eBook using the form below.

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General and professional services

Business process outsourcing (BPO) was traditionally reserved for large organisations and call centres who sought to take advantage of the cost savings related to volume recruitment overseas. Today, the industry has transformed considerably and outsourcing lends itself to businesses of all shapes and sizes, across a variety of roles - from accounting and finance to marketing and IT.

Find out how one professional services business supported rapid business growth through outsourcing to maintain a competitive advantage in this eBook.

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Financial services

The financial services industry continues to navigate changing regulatory frameworks and the increasing need to monitor cybersecurity threats, while also embracing the technology required to meet customer expectations. Learn how a property investment consultancy improved client engagement through outsourcing by downloading the complete eBook below.

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It is no surprise that the tech industry is anticipating global spending to hit U.S.$4.5 trillion by 2022. With enterprise software upgrades and digital tech initiatives driving this spend, IT budgets are expected to grow at the fastest rate in over 10 years. Read more on tech outsourcing success stories from our clients in the full eBook.

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Real estate

The real estate industry is just as much about maintaining healthy buyer, investor and tenant relationships as it is about streamlining processes and ensuring back-office operations are efficient. The best way to streamline your back-office operations and free up your agents’ time to sell or grow your rent roll is through outsourcing. 

Hear how one property management agency turned to outsourcing to take care of general administrative and accounting activities in this case study eBook.

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