How to get into the REB Top 100 Real Estate Agents

How to get into the REB Top 100 Real Estate Agents
Mark Engelmann
Mark Engelmann
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Earlier in 2019, REB released their annual top 100 Real Estate Agents. The report not only ranks the best agents in the country according to highest total sales volume but also includes other interesting stats about each individual agent including:

  • Company

  • Suburbs services

  • State

  • Years of experience

  • Support staff

  • Average sale price

  • Etc etc etc

Interestingly, all but one of the top 100 have support staff. The size of support teams range from 1 to 8, and a quick eyeball indicates the average team size sits somewhere between 3-4. Obviously, it takes a lot of hours, resources and productive time to become a Top 100 Sales Agent. So if that’s the case and there is only a finite amount of time in each day then how does an aspiring agent grow a team to help them rank among Australia’s best?

There are a few hurdles to overcome when considering growing a support team:

  1. How do you pay them?

  2. Where do they work from?

  3. How do you pay for their computers, internet connections, desks, chairs etc?

You can continue doing what you’re doing and hope that things change, or you get a job for an agency in a suburb that provides you with the opportunity to sell more stock or sell higher valued stock… or both. If both of these aren’t options or you want to start building out a support team now then the solution you’re looking for could be found in The Philippines.

Did you know that Philippines-staff can do everything an Australian based staff member can do? They can pick up the phone, respond to emails, update data in CRMs and other cloud-based systems, pay bills, post on your social media etc. The only thing they can’t do is have face to face meetings with people; however, web conferencing technology is so good these days that you would be forgiven for asking why we even need face to face anymore.

My question to you is if you could resource your support team with Philippines-based staff at around 30% of the total cost (wages, office space, super, desks, internet connection etc.) of an Australian staff member what would that mean for your ability to grow your total sales volume?

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand that you would need some local staff as part of your team to assist with open homes etc, but there is a ton of low value, process driven work that could be completed remotely.

Outsourcing is not about choosing lower cost wages over higher local wages. Outsourcing is about getting bang for your buck - having the low value tasks completed by low cost staff, and the high value work completed by high cost staff - match the tasks to the resources. And if outsourcing gives you the boost you need to achieve your goals as a high performing sales agent what’s stopping you to lead the way among your peers.

Interested in learning more about how outsourcing can supercharge your Real Estate Sales growth?

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