Combining robots and outsourcing happening now

Combining robots and outsourcing happening now
Mark Engelmann
Mark Engelmann
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Big Data Analytics is radically transforming different industries and in turn how business is being conducted across the board; Real Estate is no exception! So what's the big idea with Big Data and how can RITA - an AI powered digital employee - in partnership with outsourcing transform how real estate agents conduct their business?

In simple terms, Big data is a term that describes the large quantity of data that is both systematised and not, which barrages a business on a day-to-day basis. In the case of real estate agencies, these databases have thousands of rows of contact information for customers, that agents have either prospected, provided a service to or received details for at some point. While this information is incredibly valuable, it can be time consuming to sort through and difficult to create and prioritize leads.

Enter Rita …

Aire, the creators of Rita, describe her as ‘an AI (artificial intelligence) powered automation platform, that synchronises and consolidates your various data assets”, which significantly decreases the time agents spend “cleaning’ their databases. They continue to describe that Rita then “applies AI to create and manage seller, buyer, landlord and tenant opportunities, as well as automating simple tasks and helping to improve data quality.”

Outsourcing is an approach whereby a business can hire staff to complete low value, process driven tasks in order to get on with the high value revenue-generating tasks. Outsourcing provides significant cost savings and this capital can be reinvested in your business. This is absolutely game-changing as it allows Real Estate agents to spend more face - time with clients, building rapport to ensure that they have all the information they need to be able to assist them. The AI technology works perfectly when paired with that human interaction, as Rita is able to collate information such as market and pricing trends for different areas and ultimately build a personalised profile for the client.

But with all this amazing technology and wealth of opportunity, it is well known that one of the last things an agent will do is to get on the phone! Even with a prioritized list of guaranteed leads. Real estate agents tend to focus on chasing the next big sale and neglect building a pipeline to sustain and build consistency on their successes in the long-term.

Enter outsourcing ...

This combination is your new secret weapon!

Rita’s AI technology creates a list of leads through data mining and the offshore team is dedicated to getting on the phones. Getting in contact with your clients creates opportunities for your local team to be able to assist them in the most efficient and effective way possible!

Aire have conducted and released case studies that have shown how Rita has helped to transform different real estate firms both in Australia and New Zealand. This digital employee has done so by generating more business and providing opportunities to learn from perhaps “overlooked opportunities” and identifying ‘lost listings’. Rita is able to do this by cross-referencing new market listings with the agency’s CRM. Having a dedicated team in the Philippines will allow you to combat both these potential and very real issues. Rita ensures that no data is “lost’ from your database and your offshore team will ensure that all the information that Rita is collating is pursued resulting in the full utilisation of Big Data Analytics to transform and grow your business.

What next?

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