The top cultural differences between Australians and Filipinos in the workplace

Nick Ogden
Nick Ogden
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Overcoming cultural differences is a common concern for businesses when they are considering outsourcing to the Philippines. People tend to assume that because it’s a foreign country that language barriers and behaviourisms will cause disruption in communication. This is far from the truth.

Apart from the Philippines being one of the largest English speaking countries in the world, we also share many cultural similarities due to their Western background.

Filipinos tend to be very honest, hard-working and loyal, and while we do show some differences in behaviourisms, you may find that Filipinos are easier to work with due to the characteristics they uphold.

Here are a few key cultural differences between Australians and Filipinos in the workplace:

Australians Filipinos
Depending on the role, Australians often dislike having their performance quantified against KPIs. Filipinos on the other hand, love KPIs and working towards targets.
Australians tend to remain professional and friendships tend to develop slowly over time. Filipino friendships develop very quickly and team members enjoy frequent social catch ups outside of the office.
Australians tend to be very independent when it comes to problem solving. Filipinos go to their direct supervisor and ask them to escalate the issue.
Australians are open and have upfront conversations. Filipinos prefer receiving straightforward feedback. May hesitate to raise difficult issues if the recipient of the feedback does not like hearing bad news just to avoid confrontations.
Australians sometimes find it hard to deal with criticism. Filipinos thrive on detailed feedback (positive or negative) on the quality of work and take feedback as an opportunity to improve their skills. The more constructive feedback the better.
It’s not unusual for Australians to work through breaks and sometimes lunch. Filipinos prefer Structured work breaks and lunches.
Australians call in sick with no unnecessary detail. Filipinos call in sick and add quite a bit of detail on how the sickness is affecting them.

As you can tell, the differences between Australians and Filipinos in the workplace are only slight and have little to no potential to cause inconvenience when working with an offshore team.

It’s one of the many reasons why the Philippines is one of the best outsourcing locations in the world…

To learn more on why the Philippines should be a consideration when deciding on which location you should outsource to, read this blog.

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