Learn successful offshore with Beepo & UQ business school

Learn successful offshore with Beepo & UQ business school
Mark Engelmann
Mark Engelmann
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Offshoring was once the sole domain of large corporations looking to move entire departments overseas, in order to cut operational costs. This kind of relocation to an offshore destination wasn’t an option most other, more modestly sized businesses could ever entertain.

Fast forward a decade and all that has changed. The Offshoring Industry has become so much more sophisticated, providing businesses all around the world with the opportunity to access skilled, low-cost labour.

Cloud Computing has given all levels of business the ability to hire the world’s best offshore talent, all without leaving the comfort of the home office. Stepping into the offshoring game is no longer the high-risk affair it once was.

This technology-driven transformation has been so powerful and far-reaching that we now find ourselves in the middle of a global outsourcing boom.

It’s estimated that in 2015 alone, revenues from business process outsourcing climbed to $24.8 Billion. Furthermore, 25% of the total outsourcing market is now taken up by small and medium enterprises, who are using services like payroll and back office support.

Beepo is spearheading this change by designing and implementing innovative staffing solutions that meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, from sole traders to large global companies.

Beepo is also actively seeking to educate businesses about the offshoring opportunities now available to them.

CEO Aimee Engelmann and Sales Director Mark Engelmann have recently been appointed by The University of Queensland Business School to deliver Australia’s first university-led Executive Education Program on Offshoring.

As two of the country’s leading experts on the Offshoring Industry, Aimee and Mark are the ideal team to present the Business School’s one-day intensive. The program aims to deliver all the relevant insights and hands-on knowledge required for businesses to tap into the outsourcing boom and transform their operations.

It has been Aimee and Mark’s experience that many people just aren’t aware of the potential that offshoring holds for their business.

“Many leaders and decision makers just need someone to sit down with them and explain what can be done, and all of a sudden, big things become possible. It is often the case that a preconceived idea about offshoring is the only thing holding a business back from growth and success.”

This is something the UQ one-day intensive aims to address. Entitled ‘The Global Resourcing Phenomenon’, it will commence in April this year as part of the UQ Business School’s Management Series.

The program will integrate the recent offshoring experiences of business owners and outsourcing experts with the latest industry analysis of labour market trends around the globe. It will also explore the technology that has enabled such diversity and growth in offshore services.

Here are some of the topics to be investigated:

  • Why outsourcing and offshoring is a crucial topic in the current labour market
  • Relevant case studies of businesses that have offshored successfully
  • How offshoring can improve margins and increase capability
  • How to be globally competitive utilising offshore talent
  • Ideal tasks for offshoring
  • Adding value to your company’s operations
  • Managing remote teams
  • How to achieve marketing & sales best practice
  • Nurturing cross-cultural teams for success
  • Offshoring models and locations
  • Practical working tips for remote teams, and technology considerations
  • How to build a business case for introducing offshore staff to your organisation

Not since the industrial revolution have we seen such rapid change in the way labour is being distributed. If you’re in business you cannot afford to ignore these shifting market forces that will shape economic prosperity over the coming decades.

Whether you’re a C-suite executive, an entrepreneur, a start-up brand or a manager you should consider participating in UQ’s program on Offshoring. It will provide the essential learning you need to transition to an offshore labour market, and help your business succeed.

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