How to plan for the future with AI

How to plan for the future with AI
Gary Culverhouse
Gary Culverhouse
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Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly the future of business. However, with it’s seemingly limitless potential, it can be intimidating to start incorporating it into your business strategy. Below are just a few of the countless ways you can start harnessing the power of AI to take your business to the next level.


AI has revolutionised marketing in areas such as sales forecasting, understanding customers, advertising campaigns, CRM and targeting digital customers in real time. You can now track every move your customers make on your website - from the time they spend on a particular page, what they click on and when they click away. These insights allow you to target customers in real time by allowing you to reach out to them before they scroll to another page or leave your website. Further, it helps you to figure out what they are interested in and reasons they may bounce off your site.

Customer Service

It is very common to visit a website and encounter an automated chatbot. Chatbots are a highly effective and simple tool used to enhance your customer service. Chatbots are powered by AI and become smarter over time through machine learning. This software allows you to answer simple customer queries without having an employee on the other end. Further, customers are less likely to leave your website if they can get the information they need instantly.

Human Resources

One of the most tedious and time-consuming elements of human resources is resume screening. Some advertised positions attract thousands of applicants and sorting through all of those resumes can take weeks. There are now software tools powered by artificial intelligence that can instantly screen resumes and present you with the most qualified and relevant applicants. This will give you more time to accurately assess each applicant and will ensure no suitably qualified applicants are missed or overlooked.

General Management

Scheduling can be a major pain, especially with multiple people across countries and timezones. There are now AI powered apps that analyze each meeting participant’s schedule and available times and automatically find the best time for meetings and appointments. These apps can dramatically cut back on the time it takes to collaborate and set appointments.

Learn more about how AI can transform your business in other ways and skyrocket your productivity.

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