A state-by-state guide to providing a healthy work environment for your employees during COVID-19

A state-by-state guide to providing a healthy work environment for your employees during COVID-19
Gary Culverhouse
Gary Culverhouse
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The health and safety of your employees should always be a priority. So, as restrictions begin to ease, it’s absolutely vital for you to create a safe working environment for your staff. To help, we’ve gathered information for each state to help you with your return to the office, so that you’re aware of what is expected of you as an employer.


National COVID safe workplace principles

These principles have been agreed and implemented by governments through the National Cabinet. They cover WHS, hygiene, transmission, prevention and more.

Australian Capital Territory

Workplace health and safety

This website addresses how to minimise risk and workplace stress to ensure staff remain mentally and physically healthy during this time.

Business restrictions and advice

This website has industry specific advice for an array of industries including, real estate, retail, construction, healthcare and more.

In addition, I would also recommend reviewing guidelines for specific industry bodies relevant to your business as guidelines may vary considerably across industries. We also suggest reviewing guidance from your local council for further clarity in your area.

New South Wales

How to manage COVID-19 at work

The following website provides useful case studies regarding management of COVID-19 in different workplaces.

FAQs around COVID-19

This page answers questions related to health and hygiene, social distancing, travel, working from home and protective equipment.

Mental health at work during COVID-19

This website has a variety of information from guidance, steps and useful resources that can help reduce workplace mental ill health during COVID-19.

How to make your retail space COVID safe

The recommended measures that are provided on this website will ensure both employees and customers are kept safe in a retail space during this time.

Northern Territory

Physical distancing

The following website addresses the importance of physical distancing and how to manage it in a workplace, at home, in schools and in public.

Steps to the new normal

This website provides industry specific guidelines and checklists that are relevant to the different stages of NTs COVID safe plan.


WHSA: keeping your workplace safe, clean and healthy during COVID-19

This website will ensure employers are prepared to combat COVID-19 in their workplace.

Business health and safety resources for COVID-19

This website has a variety of useful resources that can be used to keep staff in the office informed about what is required of them during this time.

Business restrictions, general and industry specific advice

This website has up-to-date information regarding restrictions and provides employers with advice and checklists that will step them through COVID safe business planning.

South Australia

Cleaning and disinfecting in the workplace PDF

This PDF has information on providing the safest work environment possible for staff via general cleaning processes, routine cleaning, disinfecting and PPE.

Coronavirus information for employers

This website has information regarding planning considerations, reducing risk, vulnerable employees, precautions and the prevention of COVID-19.

Mental health support

This website provides mental health support lines and advice to ensure employers are aware of how to support their staff during this time.


COVID-19 safe workplace framework

The information provided on this website covers minimum standards, COVID safe workplace guidelines and COVID safety plans.

Employers advice

This website covers everything from what employers should tell their staff, what to do with those who have travelled recently, general workplace cleaning, quarantining guidelines and industry specific advice.

Explaining gatherings and physical distance

This website provides knowledge on how to explain and manage gatherings and physical distance in a workplace.


What can you do right now as a business owner?

This website provides information regarding cleaning, PPE, preventing infectious disease in a workplace and more.

Managing exposure of COVID-19

This website is a guide for employers on how to manage and prevent COVID-19 in a workplace. It also offers information tailored to specific industries.

How to create a safe workplace

The following website has a variety of tools and information tailored to specific industries to ensure every employer is doing what they can to ensure their staff stay safe during this time.

Western Australia

Social distancing in the workplace PDF

The following PDF addresses social distancing and infection control in a workplace.

Cleaning for workplaces PDF

Advanced cleaning is now recommended in every workplace. This PDF provides guidance on how to keep a workplace clean for the safety of staff.

COVID-19 business and industry advice

This website covers everything from changes of restrictions, COVID safety guidelines and plans, returning to work tips and general advice for employers.

Your returning to the office checklist

To ensure your transition back into the office is both safe and efficient, download our return to work checklist.

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