5 reasons you should outsource in your tech business

5 reasons you should outsource in your tech business
Beth McConnachy
Beth McConnachy
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Many tech businesses face challenges such as massive upfront investment, high salaries and costly resources. As a result, they are being crippled by Australia’s expensive and highly regulated workforce and are struggling to grow and remain viable in such a capital intensive industry.

Outsourcing is a strategy that can boost a business struggling in such a challenging environment. By recruiting in a low cost economy businesses can leverage their capital more effectively - freeing up time and money to reinvest back into the growth of the business.

Here are five benefits of outsourcing that will leverage your tech business. 

  1.  Save money

    If you’ve heard of outsourcing before, then you probably already know that saving money is one of its biggest benefits. Hiring an offshore team member via an outsourcing provider will allow you to avoid all of the overheads associated with recruitment and HR. Your provider will supply all equipment necessary and will take care of the entire payroll process (super, tax, leave entitlements, etc). Outsourcing can save your tech business thousands of dollars a year on overheads versus recruiting staff locally.

  2.  Improve your customer experience

    With the help of offshore staff, you can ensure your customers are receiving the exact experience they paid for. Outsourcing customer care gives you the opportunity to provide customer support 24/7 - something that may have been unachievable locally with the barrier of higher salaries and penalty rates. Your offshore team member will be able to effectively triage and resolve common customer enquiries and issues, and where necessary escalate anything they are unable to resolve to your Australian office. Your customer experience will suddenly look a lot different and satisfaction will soar.

  3.  Make your business more efficient

    If you’re in tech, then you probably know how time consuming and fiddly development and design can be. It often requires a lot of coding, testing, coding, testing, quality assurance and so on - this is where offshore staff can come into play. Instead of your local team spending hours on testing and coding, you can outsource roles like software and web development to take care of all the coding, testing and QA. This will relieve your local team of excess workload, speed up turnaround times and allow your existing staff to focus on higher value projects. The overall impact? Significant efficiency and productivity gains in your business.

  4.  Create capacity and increase staff morale

    It’s not uncommon for highly skilled staff to spend large portions of their time on low value back-office tasks. Offshore staff can relieve your local team of these types of tasks, allowing them to increase their capacity and on the higher value work they were initially hired to do. And the result? Happier, more satisfied staff that have the time to focus on where they add the most value - and that can only have a positive impact on your bottom line.

  5.  Supercharge your business for growth

    Combine all the benefits of outsourcing - significant cost savings, improved efficiency, increased capacity and happier staff - and you are setting yourself up for business growth. It’s as simple as that.

Considering outsourcing?

If you want to scale and grow your business through outsourcing it’s crucial that you choose the right outsourcing provider for your business. Your journey will be successful if you arm yourself with the right questions to ask a prospective outsourcing provider. Download our 36 Questions to Ask Your Tech Services Outsourcing Provider ebook today.

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