10 business planning apps you didn’t know you needed

10 business planning apps you didn’t know you needed
Marcia Da Silva
Marcia Da Silva
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Apps have revolutionised the way we function as a society. They have improved simplicity and efficiency in everyday life as well as business processes. Apps are becoming increasingly popular in businesses now because they can be accessed and used from anywhere with ease. Below are ten apps that we have found to be very user friendly and significantly improve business productivity and efficiency.

  1. Monday - project management software tool

    Monday is a project management software platform that has an easy-to-use app. This means that it can be used across all devices at any time including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Monday works online and is designed to make project management simple, transparent, flexible and collaborative. Some key features of the app are project templates, the ability to assign tasks to particular employees, every action is recorded and visible and staff members are notified by the app when there is any activity that relates to them.

  2. FreshService - IT Helpdesk tool

    Freshservice is a cloud based IT service desk solution that takes all the hard work out of IT support management. This app helps you to create, view and manage IT support tickets from the start to the end of the solution. Further, it also has tracking features and analytics so you can see all the relevant metrics associated with your IT support desk from your mobile device.

  3. Canva - design tool / marketing

    If you need some extra graphic design help, Canva will make your life much easier. Canva has hundreds of templates that are completely customisable for your business needs. This app allows you to create professional, customised graphics in minutes. From business cards and logos, to presentations, Canva will significantly improve your graphic design abilities if you are not a specialist.

  4. Mail Chimp - email marketing app

    Mailchimp is a cloud based email campaign management tool that can be used across all devices with internet connectivity. With Mailchimp’s app you can create, edit and track email marketing campaigns from your mobile device or tablet. This piece of software works perfectly with remote team members because anyone can collaborate from anywhere with projects updating and saving in real-time.

  5. Fuze - communication tool

    This app was designed to meet the needs of the modern workforce. Fuze is a cloud based communication tool that enables people to communicate and collaborate easily through voice, video, messaging and content sharing on any device. Fuze allows people to communicate wherever and whenever they need to. It significantly improves business productivity and efficiency by reducing the communication lag that occurs with traditional phone calls and emails.

  6. DocuSign - signing documents

    DocuSign is an app that allows people to upload or download and sign documents from any device. This means that there is no need for printers and scanners. Signing and returning documents has never been quicker and easier. It not only saves a significant amount of time, but also saves paper, ink and energy.

  7. ATracker - efficiency/time tracker

    Time management is a key driver of efficiency and productivity. ATracker helps you to track how much time you and your team spend on specific tasks, create to-do lists, and accurately calculate the real costs of projects. By accurately tracking time spent during the day, you can find where time is wasted and where you have excess capacity. It also helps you to determine you and your staff’s competency in particular tasks and identify where more training would be beneficial.

  8. Xero - accounting app

    Xero is an accounting software that harnesses the power of the cloud to keep multiple devices and employees connected. Xero’s app can be used by both business owners and employees. With this app you can create and send invoices, reconcile, approve expenses and input receipts from your mobile device. Further, employees can fill in and submit their timesheets straight from the app.

  9. SAP Litmos - learning management system

    SAP Litmos is an educational tool that is designed for training and further learning. The app has hundreds of e-learning courses for corporate learning. It can help you and your staff improve productivity, knowledge and skills. However, this app is only available on Android devices.

  10. Workflow Max - project management tool

    This app is another project management tool designed to increase productivity and efficiency. WorkflowMax is available on all devices and means that you can manage your projects on the go. Some features of the app include the ability to manage job details, record time spent on each project, view client details and swap between accounts with one touch.

With working on-the-go becoming the norm in business today, apps are more relevant and useful than ever. The above apps are designed for modern businesses who prioritise productivity, efficiency and flexibility. Read more about harnessing the power of technology to improve your business efficiency.

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