3 ways to improve productivity in your offshore team

3 ways to improve productivity in your offshore team
Mark Engelmann
Mark Engelmann
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Productivity is a key part of any successful business operation - especially when it comes to working with an offshore team. Finding simple, cost effective ways to improve productivity can pay massive dividends for your business. Through our research and experience we have found some easy ways for you to dramatically improve your productivity with your offshore team.

  1. Beepo ticketing system

    Our Beepo ticketing system ensures that any IT issues are categorised, prioritised and assigned to the appropriate member of the support team. The ticketing system can also identify trends and escalate these trends quickly to prevent more widespread issues.

    The ticketing system also means that staff who are experiencing an issue don't have to leave their workstation to get help. They simply log a ticket and support staff will come to them with the necessary equipment to solve their problem.

    Tickets are then tracked for transparency and process improvement to ensure minimum downtime if an issue is encountered. A tracking function records the amount of time a ticket was open, what the issue was, which team member dealt with the issues and if and how the problem was resolved. These metrics help to identify common issues and trends, whilst also monitoring the efficiency of support staff.

  2. Training

    Employing people is a considerable investment, whether locally or offshore. The knowledge transfer or training process is an often overlooked and underestimated cost of employing a new team member. The training process can be painful, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right equipment and software in place it can be quick and painless.

    The added complexity of training an offshore team is that all the training needs to be done remotely. At Beepo we have identified and implemented software and equipment to streamline the training process and make it as efficient and cost effective as possible. We have found the most effective software for this is Zoom and Loom and the most suitable equipment to be omni-directional meeting room audio and noise cancelling headsets. Zoom and Loom allow you to record staff training so you can train once and use it 1000 times. While the equipment enables you to record and virtually train your staff with pin-drop audio quality.

  3. Communication

    Communication is vital to offshore success. Three major components for effective offshore communication are equipment, software, and internet connection quality.

    Nobody likes competing with background noise, especially when there are different accents to adjust to and productivity is a priority. Repeating yourself multiple times is frustrating for both sides and eats away valuable time. This can be easily avoided with noise cancelling headsets. And that is why noise cancelling headsets are a must for successful offshore teams. At Beepo we prefer wired headsets because they are more cost effective, less likely to be lost, won’t run out of batteries and most importantly are reliable.

    Following my earlier example, another way to improve audio quality with equipment is with omni-directional meeting room audio. Laptop and computer microphones are not designed to pick up multiple voices for a virtual conference. An omni-directional meeting room audio device will ensure that everyone in the room is heard clearly at the other end.

    As mentioned before, Zoom is a free online video conferencing tool that works extremely well even at low band widths. This software works online and the basic version of the tool of free of charge.

    Finally, Beepo prioritises internet speeds to get the most out of the internet connection. The number one priority is audio. This means that at Beepo, audio calls are prioritised to the fastest internet speeds to guarantee clear and uninterrupted calls.

Improving productivity doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take years to achieve. With the right equipment, software, and communication you can skyrocket your productivity levels. Learn more about the internet quality in Clark and how it compares with the rest of the world.

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