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December 9, 2018

2 great reasons you need a Rockend Property Assistant in your real estate business

Let me guess, you’ve looked into this outsourcing thing for your Real Estate business. Although, the cost savings sound great you have some concerns around the time it is going to take to properly integrate an offshore element into your business. In fact, this is not only your concern, but your team’s as well. Your team are pushing back because they don’t think it will work. The biggest benefit to utilising a Rockend Property Assistant (RPA) in your business as opposed to a Virtual Assistant, is the RPA goes through a robust and comprehensive accreditation and training process. You don’t need to train the new team member because by the time they are placed with your business, they have already been trained in the best practice use of PropertyTree and/or REST (depending on your requirement).

Not only will your RPA have access to the world’s best training and accreditation in relation to Rockend’s products, they will also have access to comprehensive process documentation. In addition to providing you with an accredited RPA, Beepo, also ensures the RPA has access to standardised process documentation.

The training and process documentation provided by Beepo is based on best practice. By following best practice processes, your RPA will be using your Rockend product the way it was built. This means you won’t have any issues down the track with regard to how data is entered or managed within your system. The other benefit is as you grow your rent roll, you can easily scale your offshore RPA team with the comfort and knowledge that any new team members will be following exactly the same processes as your first one. Afterall, the key to scaling is process and systems.

By looking after both the training and process documentation components, Beepo takes the load off anyone looking to take on offshore staff. Your RPA will hit the ground running; adding value to your business immediately.

If this isn’t enough to convince your team that bringing on an RPA is a great idea, then provide them with the Rockend Property Assistant Task List and ask them, ‘if you didn’t have to do these tasks what would that mean for your job satisfaction and the growth of the business?’.

Once you have your team onboard with your decision contact us to get the ball rolling.

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