Outsourcing lead generation
services to the Philippines


What is outsourced lead generation?

Outsourcing lead generation involves sending sales related tasks such as appointment setting, outbound calling and quote generation to staff who are external to your company for fulfilment. This is often in overseas locations such as the Philippines.

By outsourcing lead generation, the first step in your sales process, your local team can then focus on converting the leads they create to sales, making a positive impact on your bottom line. This is a very effective sales model where businesses can enjoy significant cost savings in the lead generation phase of the sales process.

Outsourcing provides your sales team with a consistent stream of leads to convert into new business. An offshore lead generation representative can complete a range of tasks including but not limited to:

  • Appointment setting
  • Attending to enquiries
  • Conducting research.
  • Developing prospect pipelines
  • Documenting and reporting on results
  • Following up with prospects
  • Generating quotes
  • Outbound calling and emailing
  • Utilising CRM sales tool

Why do businesses outsource lead generation offshore?

Businesses often outsource their lead generation offshore to allow their sales team to focus on converting leads and meeting sales targets as well as establishing and building relationships with customers. Lead generation is a fairly time consuming aspect of sales with a smaller percentage of leads being converted to actual prospects, so it makes good business sense to have this role performed by lower cost staff.

Also, by giving your local sales team the time to nurture and convert leads to sales, your business will become more profitable and your employees are likely to have a higher level of satisfaction with their role.


What other business job roles can be outsourced?

At Beepo, we provide resources to support a range of business requirements and roles in addition to lead generation. These include:

What are the benefits of outsourcing lead generation offshore

Key benefits associated with outsourcing lead generation services to the Philippines include:

  • Efficiency increase

    By handing over transactional lead generation tasks to the offshore team, you are providing your local team with the opportunity to take on more work. By distributing workload across your offshore and onshore teams, your businesses efficiency and productivity levels will increase.

  • Cost savings

    By hiring an outsourced team to assist your onshore departments with these lead generation tasks for a fraction of the price, your organisation's overheads and staff costs will dramatically decrease, by up to 70%.

  • Increased employee satisfaction

    Lead generation tasks can be quite tedious and time consuming. By handing over these repetitive jobs to your offshore team, you will see an increase in employee satisfaction as your onshore team will be able to focus on what they were initially hired to do.

  • Business growth

    By enabling additional capabilities through your offshore team, you will be able to provide your local employees with the capacity to take on more work. This in turn will lead to sustainable business growth.

What are the costs associated with outsourcing lead generation?

Outsourcing your lead generation to the Philippines can represent significant employment cost savings for your business of up to 70%. At Beepo, we offer a simple monthly fee to help you reduce your overheads and focus on growing your business. This monthly fee covers everything from infrastructure, security, management and recruitment, to training, IT, legal and staff benefits.

For more detailed information on costs, please arrange a consultation so we can tailor a solution to suit your unique business needs.

The Beepo advantage

Beepo is an Australian-based company specialising in outsourcing. We help give businesses a competitive edge by providing quality offshore staffing solutions. We take the time to understand the challenges our clients are facing in finding and recruiting staff who will be dedicated and hard working. The Philippines is renowned for offering a huge pool of talent with the lead generation skills you require. 

Our aim is to find the best candidates for the job, recruiting, onboarding and managing your team or team members. We’ll also set your staff up for success with everything they need so that you can focus on managing their targets and deliverables. 

Our enthusiastic lead generators will ensure your sales team receives a steady stream of prospective clients, so they can focus solely on closing sales and generating revenue to grow your business. 

Interested in learning more about the outsourced solution we can provide for your business?