Outsourcing HR
services to the Philippines


What is outsourced human resources services?

Outsourcing in human resources essentially involves sending certain HR tasks offshore for someone to complete in a remote setting (typically someone outside of your organisation). Outsourcing HR services have enabled businesses to renew their focus on core business whilst controlling their expenses to reduce costs and maximise output. Outsourcing is a strategy that allows businesses to find the right talent for the right job - at the right price.

When hiring an offshore HR team or team member, they can manage tasks including but not limited to:

  • Recruitment
  • Staff retention activities
  • Employee contracts
  • Preparing, updating and sending HR reports and presentations
  • Providing guidance with regard to policy queries
  • Incident reporting
  • Updating staff databases
  • Writing detailed job descriptions
  • Strategically planning and executing recruitment advertising.

Why do businesses outsource human resources offshore?

Ensuring you have the right talent supporting your HR department is one of the many ways you can leverage efficiencies in your business. Businesses with budget constraints or ones that lack reliable resources, are implementing offshore staffing solutions in their human resources department for this exact reason.

Organisations are tapping into the sheer talent that is available in the offshore market to cut and control costs, improve efficiency and employee attrition rates. The act of outsourcing components of your HR department means your local team has the time to focus on the tasks they were originally hired to do. It also relieves them of any back office admin, allowing them to increase their capacity to take on more work.


What job roles are usually outsourced under human resources?

There are many job roles that can be outsourced under human resources. The top two we see most commonly outsourced are:

By outsourcing these job roles in your business, you can expect to experience major efficiency gains. Not only that, you’ll be saving up to 70% on employment costs due to lower overheads. Freeing up these kinds of funds means you’ll be able to reinvest into business growth initiatives.

Benefits of outsourcing human resources offshore

Key benefits associated with outsourcing human resources to the Philippines include:

  • Efficiency increase

    By handing over transactional human resource services tasks to the offshore team, you are providing your local team with the opportunity to take on more work. By distributing workload across your offshore and onshore teams, your businesses efficiency and productivity levels will increase.

  • Cost Savings

    By hiring an outsourced team to assist your onshore departments with these human resource services tasks for a fraction of the price, your organisation's overheads and staff costs will dramatically decrease, by up to 70%.

  • Increased employee satisfaction

    Human resource services tasks can be quite tedious and time consuming. By handing over these repetitive jobs to your offshore team, you will see an increase in employee satisfaction as your onshore team will be able to focus on what they were initially hired to do.

  • Business growth

    By enabling additional capabilities through your offshore team, you will be able to provide your local employees with the capacity to take on more work. This in turn will lead to sustainable business growth.

The Beepo advantage

Beepo is an Australian-owned outsourcing company located in the Philippines. We take the time to understand the hardships our clients face when it comes to growing a sustainable business in Australia’s costly and highly regulated workforce. That’s why we offer businesses a distinct competitive edge with offshore staff.

We handle the entire recruitment process to ensure we find you a full-time talented HR professional that will be 100% dedicated to your business.

If you are looking to outsource your HR activities, Beepo can provide a highly skilled team or team member to manage all aspects including talent acquisition and retention, through to general employee administration.

Want to find an offshore solution for your HR department? Chat to us today and we’ll find a solution that’s right for your business.

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