Outsourcing data management
services to the Philippines


What is outsourced data management?

Outsourcing your data management involves having someone external to your company look after the access, integration, cleansing, governing, storing, analysis and preparation of data for your business. These outsourced staff are often located overseas in regions such as the Philippines.

Outsourcing data management allows businesses to tap into a huge talent pool of experienced professionals with the specialist skills needed for this type of work. Businesses are then able to focus on the strategies that utilise data in order to propel their business into the future. 

Outsourcing provides a huge data support base which your local team can rely on to achieve your company’s overall objectives. Data managers, data analysts and data encoders can take care of a number of tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Data analysis
  • Account and file management
  • Utilising data to provide business intelligence
  • Data encoding
  • Creating protocols for retrieval and storage of data
  • Defining data hierarchies and systems architecture
  • Data quality management and reporting
  • Scripting and programming data management tools
  • Data compilations and auditing
  • Technical report writing.

Why do businesses outsource data management offshore?

Businesses offshore data management to take advantage of efficiencies in terms of both cost and human resources. Given the advances in data applications and cloud computing, data management can be performed anywhere in the world, and at a huge cost saving for the company. 

By outsourcing this work offshore, your local team can then focus on the drivers of your business at an analytical and strategic level. They can also work on developing new products and services, establishing new revenue streams and nurturing customer relationships.


What other business job roles can be outsourced?

Beepo works with businesses to provide support for a number of different roles. These include:

What are the benefits of outsourcing data management offshore

Key benefits associated with outsourcing data management services to the Philippines include:

  • Efficiency increase

    By handing over transactional data management tasks to the offshore team, you are providing your local team with the opportunity to take on more work. By distributing workload across your offshore and onshore teams, your businesses efficiency and productivity levels will increase.

  • Cost savings

    By hiring an outsourced team to assist your onshore departments with these data management tasks for a fraction of the price, your organisation's overheads and staff costs will dramatically decrease, by up to 70%.

  • Increased employee satisfaction

    Data management tasks can be quite tedious and time consuming. By handing over these repetitive jobs to your offshore team, you will see an increase in employee satisfaction as your onshore team will be able to focus on what they were initially hired to do.

  • Business growth

    By enabling additional capabilities through your offshore team, you will be able to provide your local employees with the capacity to take on more work. This in turn will lead to sustainable business growth.

What are the costs associated with outsourcing data management

Outsourcing your data management to the Philippines can represent significant employment cost savings for your business of up to 70%. At Beepo, we offer a simple monthly fee to help you reduce your overheads and focus on growing your business. This monthly fee covers everything from infrastructure, security, management and recruitment, to training, IT, legal and staff benefits.

For more detailed information on costs, please arrange a consultation so we can tailor a solution to suit your unique business needs.

The Beepo advantage

Beepo is an outsourcing company that’s Australian-owned. We offer businesses a competitive edge in the marketplace by providing offshore staffing solutions. Finding and recruiting hard working, dedicated staff is a frustration that many of our clients share. With a huge pool of technical talent located in the Philippines, we can help you tap into the ideal team to complement your business.

Our role is to find and recruit, onboard and manage your team or team members as part of your business. You’re in control of their job requirements and KPIs and we’ll take care of everything they need to complete their job effectively. 

Our highly skilled and qualified data managers will ensure your data is stable, secure and accessible for your organisation’s requirements and perform the necessary programming and analysis you require, so that you can get on with growing your business.

Interested in learning more about the outsourced solution we can provide for your business?