Outsourcing customer support
services to the Philippines


What is outsourced customer service?

Customer service outsourcing is the process of hiring an offshore team or team-member to fulfill mostly, contact centre-related tasks. Outsourcing customer-handling tasks is a viable option for businesses, especially for SMEs resulting in increased staff retention rates and customer satisfaction rates.

With outsourced customer service, not only will you be able to meet the constant change in demand of your customers but you’ll also experience an increase in turnaround times, improved quality of output and overall, business growth.

Why do businesses outsource customer service offshore?

Customer service is crucial for any business. It has the power to erode profits which can ultimately destroy your bottom line. In fact, 78% of customers have disengaged with a brand as a result of a poor customer experience. Because of this, it’s crucial for businesses to invest in excellent quality customer service. Not only will it leave customers satisfied with their experience, it will help you grow your business sustainably.

Businesses are tapping into the offshore market due to the sheer volume of talent that is available overseas. Offshore customer service representatives, especially in the Philippines, are renowned for their excellent English speaking skills and dedication to customer service. Because of this, businesses are hiring highly skilled, qualified customer service representatives in the offshore market for up to 70% less than if they were to recruit talent locally.


What job roles are usually outsourced under customer service?

Outsourcing provides you with the opportunity to offshore different elements of your customer service to enhance your customer’s experience and provide opportunities for overall business growth.

The most common job roles that we have seen outsourced include:

Benefits of outsourcing customer service offshore

Key benefits associated with outsourcing customer service to the Philippines include:

  • Efficiency increase

    By handing over transactional customer service tasks to the offshore team, you are providing your local team with the opportunity to take on more work. By distributing workload across your offshore and onshore teams, your businesses efficiency and productivity levels will increase.

  • Cost Savings

    By hiring an outsourced team to assist your onshore departments with these customer service tasks for a fraction of the price, your organisation's overheads and staff costs will dramatically decrease, by up to 70%.

  • Increased employee satisfaction

    Customer service’s tasks can be quite tedious and time consuming. By handing over these repetitive jobs to your offshore team, you will see an increase in employee satisfaction as your onshore team will be able to focus on what they were initially hired to do.

  • Business growth

    By enabling additional capabilities through your offshore team, you will be able to provide your local employees with the capacity to take on more work. This in turn will lead to sustainable business growth.

The Beepo advantage

Beepo is an Australian-based outsourcing company that provides local teams with all the support they need through offshore staffing solutions. At Beepo, we can provide you with an expert customer service or call centre team that will be 100% dedicated to your business.

We take the time to understand the specific needs of our clients so we can match the right person for the right job. Our offshore customer service staff are articulate, well-educated and work from a state-of-the-art facility. All of which will help you save on costs associated with HR, recruitment, overheads and training.

We’re helping businesses scale and grow, boosting their capabilities and improving their margins.

If you want to find an offshore solution for your customer service, chat to us today and we’ll find a solution that’s right for your business.

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