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Answering all of your Questions about outsourcing in the real estate sector

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Answering all of your Questions about outsourcing in the real estate sector

As the demand and pressures on real estate businesses have intensified, many are looking at alternative methods to stay competitive and profitable. Outsourcing is an increasingly popular option, allowing real estate offices to expand their profit margins by saving more than 70% on salary costs, whilst also growing their business and improving customer experience at the same time.

The advent of Cloud technology and the rise in the number of tertiary educated graduates in countries like the Philippines, means that businesses around the globe can now access skilled and reliable offshore talent to take on a wide variety of tasks and roles.

More than 1.3 million people are already employed in an offshore role in the Philippines right now, and this has grown at 18% year-on-year.

But despite this growth, many within the sector are still sceptical when it comes to outsourcing.

It’s at times dismissed for being too risky, not secure or because staff don’t have good English skills.

This eBook will openly examine the reality of the situation and showcase the expertise of two of Australia’s leading experts – one from a real estate perspective and one from an outsourcing provider point of view – providing real-life case studies and scenarios.

Hopefully, it will answer any questions you may have around outsourcing within the real estate sector.

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Aimee Engelmann
CEO Beepo

Aimee Engelmann has assisted more than 100 Australian businesses to become successful offshore, from ASX listed businesses through to start-ups. She has operated a number of businesses in Australia and has used outsourcing as both a client and as a provider.

Jason Rose
National Business Growth Coach

Jason Rose started his career in real estate as a country agent back in 1987. He has worked across all aspects of real estate, from owner, sales agent and auctioneer to most recently the former Chief Growth Officer at RentalExpress and Little Real Estate. Today, he is the national Business Growth Coach for LJ Hooker