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Sales Support

Sales Support

Elite real estate agencies have a few things in common. They have a great culture. They’re staffed by great people. And most importantly, they ensure their staff have the time to complete the tasks they are skilled in - listing and selling properties.

The more your agents spend time on procedural tasks and paperwork, the less time they have to invest in the high-value tasks that assist greatly in generating income.

Just like your other staff members, your Beepo Sales Assistant will be there to assist you eight hours a day, Monday to Friday. We take care of all the admin and low-value tasks, giving yourself and your team more time to work on the tasks that add to your bottom line.

In addition to the obvious productivity and cost saving benefits, you will also experience several indirect benefits from outsourcing sales support. Some indirect benefits of outsourcing real estate sales support include, increased staff satisfaction, improved staff retention, higher quality of work, and business efficiency.

Increased staff satisfaction and staff retention are the result of your staff being able to work on the high-value tasks they enjoy doing, while your offshore team/team member assists with the back-office, low-value tasks.

When your staff are required to complete the jobs they prefer doing, you'll notice an increase in staff satisfaction. With an increase in staff satisfaction, you can also expect to see an increase in quality of work.

We'll help with:

  • Lead generation
  • Meeting preparation
  • Listing packs
  • Diary management
  • Post service surveys
  • OFI management
  • CRM cleansing and management
  • efiling
  • Research work



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