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Is your accounts team overloaded with work? Does your budget restrict you from hiring more help locally? Perhaps it’s worth considering hiring an offshore accounts assistant for a fraction of the price. With the necessary help in your agency, your local team will be able to focus on the higher value tasks that they were originally hired to do.

Beepo is an Australian-based outsourcing company with access to one of the largest talent pools in the world. Here at Beepo, we pride ourselves in offering real estate agencies a distinct competitive edge with offshore staffing solutions. We take the time to understand the hardships our clients face when it comes to recruiting in Australia’s costly and highly regulated workforce. We understand the difficulties in finding hard working, dedicated staff and that’s why we work with you to find a team member who fits your requirements and is 100% dedicated to your business. Your Beepo team member will be industry trained before they start with you so they can hit the ground running and add immediate value to your agency.

Outsourcing accounting tasks to the Philippines is a great way to access cost effective, highly trained and efficient staff. Our team of professional accounts assistants can free your local staff up from routine accounting tasks, including:

  • Invoicing
  • Trust accounting
  • Payroll
  • Accounts payable
  • Reporting for the property manager
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Reversal of receipt
  • Creditor disbursement
  • Processing end of month accounts
  • Reviewing the property ledger
  • Managing holding deposits.
Benefits of outsourcing accounting with Beepo

The most significant advantages of using outsourced real estate accounting assistants include:

  • Cost savings - Hiring a local accounts assistant can be very resource intensive. Hiring an offshore team member that can assist your local team with routine accounting tasks for a fraction of the price will help you control costs in your business.
  • Efficiency increase - By sharing the workload between your local team and offshore accounts assistant, you will notice a drastic increase in efficiency and productivity within your business.
  • Business growth - By having the accounts tasks shared between both onshore and offshore teams, your local staff will have the time to take on more work. Creating capacity is key to business growth.
  • Increase employee satisfaction - Having your local team share the workload with offshore accounts assistants will increase job and employee satisfaction within your business. With your accounting team able to focus on what they were hired to do, you can expect to see a positive change in your working atmosphere.
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Secure the help you need to increase efficiency and productivity in your agency with Beepo’s offshore accounts assistants. If you have any questions or enquiries, chat to us today. We also offer specialised support in roles including:


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