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University Course on offshoring


Australia boasts a large population of local datacentres, cloud service providers and managed service offerings. However, it still has to compete with international rivals and, while some Australian organisations like to keep their processing in country, many others are prepared to move it offshore.

Such is the demand that the University of Queensland Business School recently announced Australia’s first university-led course dedicated to offshoring.

According to the executive education director Richard Kennerley: “In 2015, Australian businesses saved an estimated $24.8bn through offshoring.” However, he acknowledged many organisations faced challenges when managing remote teams and cultural issues.

Aimee Engelmann, CEO of Brisbane-based outsourcing company Beepo, will present the one-day intensive offshoring course.

Engelmann said the province of large enterprises, outsourcing and offshoring was being embraced by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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