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Promising signs for Clark investment as Beepo joins CILA


Clark, Philippines 17th August 2016

On July 20, Australian offshoring company Beepo and a host of other international businesses were inducted into the Clark Investors and Locators Association (CILA) at a lunchtime ceremony held at the Widus Convention Centre.

With a strong showing of sponsors and member companies the event was representative of the growing stature the Clark Special Economic Zone (CSEZ) now has in the global market. Beepo was sworn in alongside global companies Emirates, Texas Instruments and Kintetsu World Express, to name a few.

Since 1997 CILA has actively represented the interests of its locator-members, helping to shape investor-friendly policy and promote the Clark Freeport Zone as an ideal location for doing global business.

The not-for-profit organisation now has well over 100 member companies and represents more than 90% of the composite amount of investments, exports and employment within the area.

Beepo CEO Aimee Engelmann was very much looking forward to the opportunities that being an active CILA member will bring to her outsourcing business.

“CILA is a fantastic association that works hard to develop the CFZ into a world-class business location. At Beepo, we’re very keen to be part of that, to tap into the strong network it provides, to promote corporate social responsibility and to really grow together.”

Ms. Engelmann was glowing in her praise of the Clark Freeport Zone, which she viewed as an instrumental part of Beepo’s trailblazing success.

“Clark offers international companies easy access to the Philippines’ talented workforce and outstanding university graduates. The first-class office facilities and airport make it ideal for
client visits, and the time zone is perfect for companies based in Australia and New Zealand.”

If you would like to know more about CILA membership, please email clarkinvestors@gmail.com or phone 599-3442.

If you would like to find out more about Beepo go to www.beepo.com.au. If you are interested
in Beepo job opportunities go to www.beepo.com.ph.

Beepo Inc.
Clark, Philippines www.beepo.com.ph

Media contact:
Aimee Engelmann aimee@beepo.com.au